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NYC Boutique closes after 15 Years

Men Style, New York Neighborhood, Street Style, Women Style

Reed Space, one of the landmark streetwear boutiques in New York City begins to closing down for...
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The Beekman Hotel Comes Out Brand new

Best of Best, Fine Living, Leisure

The Beekman Hotel was closed for two years of renovation due to fraud haunting vacancy and now the hotel had opened its doors and the new...
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Renting this Summer Claimed the Highest Rents in NYC

Fine Living, New York Neighborhood

When it’s time to get a new place to stay and start a new life, it maybe more challenging than it would believe because the prices...
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New York Park Adds Squash to the court

First Looks, Hustle & Bustle, New York Neighborhood

When New Yorkers walk through the park, they see kids, adolescents and competitive teams playing...
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Mosquitoes Face off With the Health Department

Health & Fitness, New York Neighborhood

Mosquitoes have been the one thing about summer that no one enjoys due to their bites and making everyone scratch themselves repeatedly,...
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$5,000 deal at the first Egg Freezing Clinic in Manhattan

First Looks, Health & Fitness, Money Tips, New York Neighborhood

Women often find it expensive for them to go to an egg freezing clinic to extend their fertility, but that problem has been resolved with...
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Manhattan has a new Cancer Survivor

Health & Fitness, Profiles

Many people who were diagnosed with cancer go through a long and difficult battle, but one person...
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The Top 12 Burger Restaurants in NYC

Best of Best, Restaurants

It’s a summertime BBQ staple, but ultimately a year-round food favorite amongst practically all Americans: The burger! That’s...
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The 11 Best Happy Hours In NYC


It’s six o’clock. You’ve finally finished a long, stressful day at work and all you want is to sit at a bar with...
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11 Best Cheap Hotels in NYC


New York City is one of most expensive cities in the nation. You’ll want to spend your hard...
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