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Renting this Summer Claimed the Highest Rents in NYC


When it’s time to get a new place to stay and start a new life, it maybe more challenging than it would believe because the prices for rent had risen in New York City.

Next to San Francisco, New York City is the priciest place to rent over the summer.  New York is filled with expensive and also affordable places to live for the summer.  In July, the priciest places to live would be in Manhattan and Brooklyn-based on their median rents, according to the Curbed New York website.

One of the most affordable places in New York is in Washington Heights, Manhattan where the monthly rent is approximately $1,850.  Following behind them would be Central and East Harlem with around over $2,000.  Manhattan has more neighborhoods where there are affordable places to stay for the summer, such as Woodstock and Foxhurst.

Then comes the apartments in Brooklyn in which the rents are pricy.  One example is in DUMBO where the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $3,899.  After DUMBO comes Vinegar Hill with $3,650 and then Brooklyn Heights with $3,100.

The most expensive places to rent in New York City would be apartments closer to the West side.  If the prices aren’t an issue, the availability would not be difficult.  The most affordable places are towards the East River and the challenge is to get the apartment since plenty of people will desire a place like that.

This summer had the median rent of around $3,200 and the only more immense challenge would be to rent an apartment in San Francisco where the median rent is $3,460, according to the Curbed New York website.

Those who plan on moving and staying in New York City for the summer, save your money and look for a place where the rent suitable.

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