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10 Interesting Things to do in NYC for Locals and Tourists


NYC is an interesting place. There are so many things to do. One can spend a lifetime visiting and revisiting the sites, or one can pick up an article like this to see what’s new and exciting that they may not know about yet. Some of these ideas will be pertinent only to those living in the city, while others might be interesting for your visitors as well.

Visit Coney Island

Coney Island| Image Source- Pinterest

Everyone talked about how much fun Coney Island was when they were younger, but now it’s been forgotten behind newer places like Disney World or Universal Studios. The truth is that Coney Island is still a destination worth going to even as adults. It has great rides and attractions as well as lots of delicious food stands to eat from. In addition, it’s the home of the Cyclones, one of New York City’s minor league baseball teams.

Visit Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bride Park | Image Source- Pinterest

Brooklyn is one of the most interesting areas in NYC to visit. Unlike Manhattan, this borough seems to be under-served with green space and parks. There are very few traditional ones in Brooklyn compared to other parts of NYC. One exception is the great park located in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). This gem has a carousel, playground, grassy hills, and lots of greenery including huge old trees that provide shade for visitors who come on hot summer days or warm weekends. There are even free outdoor movies shown during good weather at night!

Visit Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island| Image Source- Pinterest

Though most people who live in NYC don’t use it, the Staten Island Ferry is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. The ferry ride itself has some of the best views of New York City’s skyline around. Be sure to get a window seat on the upper level if you want to take really good pictures. This is one thing that every out-of-towner should do when they come to visit or are here on vacation.

Visit Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Hall | Image Source- Pinterest

Radio City Music Hall was built during the Great Depression as part of Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan. It was made famous by its appearance in movies like “Elf” and “Miracle on 34th Street”, but there are countless other great shows that go on here all year round. Come around Christmastime to see the famous Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring the world-famous Rockettes, or come during springtime to take part in one of the many free concerts held here weekly. Don’t miss your chance to see this amazing NYC landmark!

Visit Chelsea Piers Complex

Chelsea Piers Complex | Image Source- Pinterest

Chelsea Piers is a sports complex best known for hosting ESPN’s “SportsCenter” show several times each week. There are many other reasons why people should come see this great place though, like its ice rinks and golf driving range where you can hit actual balls off real grass (and even get lessons if you want!). One of the most interesting things about Chelsea Piers though is its indoor rock climbing wall. It is one of the best in the city and a sight that everyone should try once.

Visit One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center | Image Source- Pinterest

The skyscraper formerly known as the Freedom Tower is a bit controversial because it looks like an Islamic mosque, but it’s still one of New York City’s most important landmarks. Located at Ground Zero, near where the Twin Towers fell on 9/11, this building is both beautiful and humbling to look at. Even if you’re not into architecture it makes for some great pictures, so no trip to NYC would be complete unless you come to see or take pictures of this amazing site!

Attend Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert

Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert | Image Source- Pinterest

If you love hip music then definitely attend Hot 97 Summer Jam sometime. This event happens annually here in New York City and it is always a great time with lots of good artists and music. This year’s show featured the likes of Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Meek Mill! Come to this hot concert and you won’t be disappointed. It’s perfect for teens and adults alike (though I’d recommend that minors try to get an older friend or guardian to come with them).

Visit Apollo Theater

Appolo Theatre | Image Source- Pinterest

The Apollo Theater is one of Harlem’s most famous landmarks located on 125th Street. Most people know about its weekly “Amateur Night” shows where they give anyone who wants a chance (and even those who don’t) an opportunity to perform on stage in front of a live audience and celebrity judges. This event has launched some of the greatest careers in music so you’ll want to check it out if you are a fan of music or even just fun shows!

Take a Walking Tour of Chinatown

Chinatown | Image Source- Pinterest

Chinatown is one of NYC’s most well-known neighborhoods for good reason. There are delicious restaurants, great Taoist temples, and even an excellent fish market here where you can buy fresh seafood that was caught that very morning out in the ocean somewhere. Any tour here won’t be complete without stopping at Good Fortune Rice Noodle Factory where you can watch noodle dough being made right before your eyes using nothing but water, flour, and digital scales. It’s pretty amazing how they do it, especially when it’s done so fast.

Attend a Comedy Show

Comedy Cellar | Image Source- Pinterest

If you love comedy then you’ll want to attend some of the many comedy shows here in New York City. They hold comedy festivals every year where tons of great comedians come and perform for free, and there are lots of clubs that usually host at least one good show on any given night too. Come to the Gotham Comedy Club on West 23rd street if you really wanna get down, or check out Carolines on Broadway which is another great spot during late winter/early springtime.

Now you know a little bit about what you can do in NYC, so why not come and give it a try!

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