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Things to Do in Central Park for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Central Park

The season is changing and you want to do something fun! Look no further than Central Park, New York City. In this blog post, we will cover the top things that can be done in Central Park during each season of the year. From walking through the park on a spring day to outdoor ice skating in winter, there are plenty of activities for anyone looking to enjoy themselves at any time of year!


During the spring, at Central Park, you can enjoy a picnic lunch at the Sheep Meadow or find your way to one of many concerts. In addition, you can walk through the park and admire blossoming cherry trees on Cherry Hill as well as explore Strawberry Fields for an appreciation of John Lennon’s life and legacy.

Celebrate Holi on Governors Island

Celebrate Indian culture (and put any forgotten outfits to good use) at the annual Holi festival on Governors Island.

Here, you will decorate your fellow celebrants with brightly colored powders, dance to live music and enjoy Indian delicacies.

Visit a New York City beach

Oh, the feeling of sand between your toes and the chilled seawater on your skin at a beautiful New York beach in spring.

Coney Island, Rockaway Beach, and more of your favorite summer spots officially re-open in May.


During the summer season in Central Park, there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed on hot days. These include visiting the Central Park Zoo and seeing animals, walks along the Mall, or exploring Conservatory Garden to see flowers. You can also ride a bike down some of the park’s winding paths, attend summer concerts at various locations in New York City or play volleyball with friends just outside Sheep Meadow!

Go Camping

In the summer season, you can also camp in Central Park! There are a number of campsites that provide all the equipment needed to have an adventure.

Go Fishing

Another activity you can do during the summer season at Central Park is fishing. You can visit a pond such as East Pond, where children are allowed to fish and adults with valid ID may fish without charge.


With the fall season, Central Park becomes a beautiful place. Leaves change colors from green to yellow and orange while birds migrate seasonally or head south for the winter season. Visit the park during this season to enjoy some outdoor activities and events such as concerts at various places in New York City. You can also marvel over The Pond where you may see waterfowl sitting on the water.

Watch a Movie Under the Stars

Set up a nice picnic with snacks, a bottle of wine, a blanket with a laptop, and watch a movie under the stars on a cool fall night at Central Park.

There are drive-ins available if you do not want to set up everything at Central Park such as the Queens Drive-In or Skyline Drive-in. But, this is surely a cute, unique date.


During the winter season in Central Park, outdoor ice skating is available at Wollman Rink and you can also visit The Pond to see some of the many geese that live there year-round. In addition, enjoy a walk through the park during this season as well! You may want to take one of two of the park’s well-known paths: The Pond Loop or Cherry Hill. The Winter season is a great time of year to go ice skating and enjoy some hot chocolate, too!

Go cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

 Visitors can cross country ski or snowshoe through Central Park’s wide-open meadows or along the bridle path, which we leave snow-covered in the winter to protect its soft surface.

Visit the Central Park Zoo. 

Managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Zoo is open year-round. Its residents include sea lions, penguins, seals, and snow leopards. Families with children can continue north to the Tisch Children’s Zoo, home to potbellied pigs, sheep, and the only cow in Manhattan.

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