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8 Reasons to Love Living in New York

New York

New York is the greatest city in the world. The only reason not to love it is that you’ve never been there; otherwise, you’d realize that New York is the best place on earth for meeting people, seeing unbelievable art, and having fun.

Here are 7 reasons why living in NYC kicks ass:

1. It’s a Great Place to Meet People Whether you’re single or married with kids, New York has great singles bars and great places to meet new people. From midtown Manhattan to downtown Brooklyn, each neighborhood has its own vibe. You can choose any age group – young professionals looking for their next serious relationship, recent college grads out to have fun before they settle down, older singles who want something more than just a fling. There are other groups as well: the young and artsy crowd, passionate foodies, locals who want to enjoy their neighborhood bar, sports fanatics who love to post up at the local pub. Wherever you are, there’s always someone for you here in New York.

2. It Has Some of The Best Art Museums Ever You can see priceless art at NYC museums that you can’t see anywhere else. From the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) with its rich collections – from Van Gogh to Picasso to Warhol – to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with its incredible European galleries and architecture, New York has a museum for every taste and budget. You’ll never run out of awesome things to do here!

3. Lots Of Historical Landmarks Yep, there are plenty of historical landmarks in New York, which makes it the perfect place for history buffs. There’s the Brooklyn Bridge, originally built in 1883 and rebuilt after a fire in 1973; the tenement museum where two families lived simultaneously – one on top of another; you can even go to President Franklin D Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, dedicated to FDR but also open to anyone who wants some fresh air while enjoying amazing views of Manhattan.

4. The Best Party City Ever Not only is New York the city that never sleeps (check out our top 10 tips on nightlife), it’s one of the best places ever to party. It has everything from funky dive bars with cheap drinks (like Dublin House ) to upscale lounges – there’s a place for every taste. The best part is that all of these awesome bars are within walking distance of each other, so you can party your heart out without worrying about cab fare or waiting for the train.

5. The Best Food Ever Thanks to its rich multi-ethnic culture, New York has access to amazing food from around the world. Do you want Chinese? You don’t have to go far. Italian? That’s an easy one too! Authentic Mexican? Of course, just head down to Queens. No matter what type of food you’re craving, if it’s good and authentic, New York will not let you down when it comes to finding it.

6. Cheap Living Costs If you want to live in the city but still save money, New York is a good option. Apartments and condos here are priced better than in other cities like Boston and San Francisco, and food and entertainment cost less than in other big cities. It’s easier to get by when you’re on a tight budget.

7. The Best Nightlife Ever You can’t talk about nightlife without mentioning New York’s booming club scene. Want underground hip-hop? Check out Save Money Mondays at Life or pop bottles with your friends at SubTerra. There’s something for everyone – from top 40 tunes to techno, underground house, drum & bass, indie dance jams, dirty south classics – all of it is represented here in the best way possible. There’s even a few clubs where you can dance your butt off while sipping free cocktails.

8. The Best Coffee Ever New York is home to some of the world’s best coffee. What makes it so special? Think carefully about roasted beans from family-owned roasters that know what they’re doing and provide top-quality brews to small cafes that serve amazing stuff. In New York, you can get similar experiences from one end of town to another – from MyMoon in Tokyo on the Upper West Side , with its striking wood accents, wall-mounted lamps, and comfy blue armchairs, a great place to chill out with a group of friends for a long chat, all the way downtown to Cafe Pedlar on Lafayette Street, where you can find coffee brewed to perfection.

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