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The Best Ice Cream in New York City


Looking for New York City’s greatest ice cream? You’re protected by me. It’s difficult to find outstanding ice cream in NYC, the culinary centre of the United States, but someone had to do it.

Being able to sample a variety of cuisines is one of my favourite aspects of living in the Big Apple. But I’d be dishonest if I didn’t admit that I consume sweets on a daily basis, and my insatiable sweet taste is undoubtedly to blame for this.

It’s not all terrible news, however! I mean, I can bulldoze through ice cream stores in New York City like a bull in a china shop. I didn’t want the 40,000 calories I ingested throughout my “quest” to be wasted at the end of the day. Permit me to give my own ranking of New York City’s top ice cream shops.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Photo: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Great ice cream was initially offered by Van Leeuwen from a food truck in NYC. The news spread swiftly, and they soon opened brick-and-mortar locations in several other states. However, they still consider New York City to be their actual home, as shown by the fact that the city is home to 19 of their ice cream stores!

Their originality separates them from other well-known ice cream establishments. Van Leeuwen has unusual tastes like brown sugar cookie dough, Scicilian pistachio, and earl grey tea (my fave! ), in addition to the intriguing monthly variations.

The nicest thing about this well-liked ice cream parlour in New York City, though, is its steadfast refusal to employ artificial flavours, making the ice cream as all-natural as is humanly possible. No fake garbage, please, people. Did I also mention that they produce some of the greatest vegan ice cream in New York City? You won’t be able to detect the difference, I assure you.

So you don’t need to seek much farther than this hidden treasure if you’re looking for distinctive ice cream in NYC.

Address: 19 ice cream shops in the Empire State City

Emack & Bolio’s

Photo: emackandbolios

Folks, it’s history time, but I assure you that this little “aside” is crucial to understanding this specific NYC ice cream parlour. Boston had a well-liked rock band scene in the 1970s. Clubs were forced to shut at midnight because of Massachusetts’ blue laws, which prohibit activities on certain days and hours and were initially enacted for religious purposes.

Lawyer for the music industry Bob Rook circumvented the rules by setting up an ice cream parlour in a basement. As a result, a location was constructed where music could be softly performed in front of smaller audiences.

So, Emack & Bolio was established. They’ve since expanded both domestically and abroad, providing residents some of New York City’s greatest ice cream in 4 distinct locations. You may discover flavours like Deep Purple Chip, which is named after the renowned English rock band Deep Purple and contains black raspberry ice cream with white and dark chocolate chips. For those who are interested, they also offer small-batch vegan ice cream and sorbet.

The rock stars who were instrumental in its popularity are reflected in the erratic character of the ice cream at Emack & Bolio. You may indulge your inner kid and defy authority by ordering scoops into cones covered with Fruity Pebbles, Rice Krispy Treats, and Reese’s Puffs.

4 ice cream parlours in New York City.

Sundaes and Cones

Photo: Sundaes and Cones

One of the top ice cream stores in New York City is Sundae and Cones. This East Village gem, which is just ten minutes from Union Square Park, offers unusual Asian-inspired ice cream flavours including taro and Thai iced tea.

Ask for assistance at the counter where you’ll be welcomed by friendly staff who are always willing to provide advice. I recommend giving the taro flavour of bubble tea a try if you like it. My wife chose the red-orange sorbet and thought about returning after finishing her first scoop. 

Sundae & Cones has cookie and brownie toppings available for those of you who have a serious sweet taste. Some people think it’s overdone, while others, like me, think it’s brilliant. Grab a cone and go to the park for some fantastic people-watching possibilities and some of the greatest ice cream in all of New York.

Location: 10003 New York, 95 E 10th St.

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Photo: Morgenstern

Imagine the classic American restaurant while upgrading it. That’s the atmosphere that permeates Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in New York City. The welcoming crew is greeted by crisp white and black tiles and is outfitted in aprons and vintage diner hats. The star of the show is the traditional New York City ice cream, although there is other food (such burgers and alcohol) available.

The ice cream burger is just one of the many ways Morgenstern’s encourages customers to indulge in some of the greatest ice cream in New York City. Sandwiches of Neapolitan ice cream flavours on hamburger buns with fries on the side.

Morgenstern is keeping up with the current while paying tribute to the classics in a world of continual invention. All the while providing some of New York City’s greatest ice cream. I can’t criticise them for it.

Location: 88 West Houston Street, New York, New York 10012

Oddfellows Ice Cream Co.

Photo: oddfellowsnyc

It was 93 degrees outside and I had just completed a 5-mile walk in heavy boots when I first had OddFellows (story for another time, possibly never). As you could expect, the ice cream was a really pleasant break that made many feel positively ecstatic.

Since then, I’ve gone back to see whether OddFellows truly was that excellent or if the taste was merely a result of my desperation. Well, after a few trips, I can say with confidence that this New York City ice cream business is up to par.

Since opening their doors in 2013, OddFellows has introduced more than 500 varieties, placing them at the forefront of frozen dessert innovation. In other words, for the last nine years, Oddfellows has essentially launched a new flavour once each week. a good enough reason to go!

Location: 4 ice cream shops in Brooklyn 

Ample Hills Creamery

Photo: Ample Hills

The Fireboat House Scoop Shop in DUMBO, which has multiple locations across the Big Apple, is unquestionably my favourite place in NYC for mouthwatering ice cream. A cheerful ice cream parlour with views of the East River is located under the intimidating Brooklyn Bridge. You are, however, certain of one thing, excellence, wherever you go.

You won’t be able to find a fresher scoop of ice cream in New York City thanks to the city’s biggest ice cream manufacturing plant and on-site pasteurisation. Oh, and did I mention that all of the toppings are baked on-site?

The explanation is straightforward: by controlling every stage internally, they can produce ice cream with the greatest level of quality. Doesn’t it just keep getting better?

The purpose of Ample Hills is to “share joy with our neighbourhoods, one scoop at a time.” It’s reasonable to argue that providing some of New York City’s greatest ice cream surely positions them for success.

Location: 9 ice cream shops in New York City

Mikey Likes It

Photo: mikeylikesiticecream

One of New York City’s top ice cream stores is owned by Michael “Mikey” Cole. The East Village establishment offers homemade ice cream made with natural and organic ingredients. This is one of the top ice cream businesses in New York City because the little company produces its frozen delicacies in small amounts, which improves their quality and freshness.

The flavour of the month changes every month and is inspired by well-known figures. The most recent flavour was “Pachanga,” a coconut ice cream with mango compote named after Luis Guzman. The mural created by the artist who created the flavour of the month is also painted on the shop’s locking gate.

It is possibly most renowned for offering the greatest Mac Daddy ice cream sandwiches in all of New York City. You may sandwich any scoop of your choice between delectable waffles. But don’t just take my word for it; Forbes, ABC News, and the Food Network also featured these bad guys.

Location: 199 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

La Newyorkina

Photo: LaNewyorkina

Believe me when I say that I am knowledgeable about true Mexican sweets since I was born and raised by Mexican immigrants. I miss the days when I used to get ice cream from a paletero (a popsicle seller who often rides a bike).

I think this is some of the greatest ice cream in New York City since they are the identical mouth watering flavours I recollect enjoying as a child. The fact that La Newyorkina only has one physical location is my sole gripe with them.

Despite having only one physical scoop store, they feature a wide selection of savoury frozen sweets. Along with the traditional paletas, some of the most well-liked foods are mangonadas and ice cream sandwiches made with babka.

A kiosk for La Newyorkina may be found on the Highline. Even if there are less paletas available, it’s an excellent spot to taste them.

Location: 61 Commerce St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 

Sugar Hill Creamery

Photo: sugarhillcreamery

After only one taste, Sugar Hill Creamery was added to my list of the top ice cream shops in New York City. I didn’t even need more to get addicted.

My wife and I once stopped at TimeOut Market for lunch while touring Brooklyn. After lunch, we had to conclude with something sweet like any reasonable person would, and luckily, Sugar Hill Creamery was nearby. 

“Harlem’s OG Family-Owned & Operated Ice Cream Shop” is how Sugar Hill Creamery describes itself, and I think it fits. The ideal delight is always created by Sugar Hill Creamery, which connects community and cuisine. The homemade ice cream speaks for itself, and the names of the varieties are lighthearted and humorous.

The ice cream is becoming more popular since it is some of the greatest in New York City. The tastes change seasonally and are influenced by cultures from the Caribbean, the Midwest, and Harlem.

Location: 3 in New York City

Caffè Panna

Photo: caffepanna

Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to Caffe Panna if you ever find yourself in Gramercy Park. You won’t regret it, really! I’m not sure whether ice cream can be described as opulent, but man oh man, Caffe Panna tastes rich. 

Ice cream parlour with an Italian flair is called Caffe Panna. The Italian term “panna” is equivalent to the English word “cream”. All of the ice cream’s flavours are created on-site, and this New York City ice cream store takes great satisfaction in producing cutting-edge varieties.

Expect to discover 5 weekly rotating varieties in addition to 7 standard tastes (think strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla). They also offer other ice-cream-focused delicacies like milkshakes, making it difficult to choose just one flavour.

Finding Caffe Panna was like finding a match made in heaven for me since I love affogatos (ice cream drenched in espresso). To view the weekly varieties, I strongly suggest looking at their Instagram in advance, but beware—it’s easy to be pulled into scrolling since they offer some of the greatest ice cream in New York City.

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