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AIDS Walk Returns to NYC


It’s a cause we’ve all heard about, it’s something we all want to help out with. AIDS and HIV. A disease that many still have fears, and negative attitude towards. A disease that still brings stigma, but one day this can all change, and this can all start by raising awareness, and that’s what the AIDS walk strives to do, with its returns to NYC becoming the sixth one.

The AIDS walk will return to New York City in central park on May 21st, a Sunday. It is the largest AIDS fundraising event in the world and supports people living with HIV or AIDS. Registration is free and anyone can walk. It also aims to protect public health in the tri-state area. The walk is five miles long.

The first AIDS walk started in Los Angeles in 1985, hoping to bring in $100,000 but instead had an outcome of $673,000. Ever since then the walk has seen almost a million walkers and has brought in a total of $150 million in donations against the fight of HIV/AIDS.

The funds help in many ways, by assisting in the prevention and with care and advocacy programs provided by the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, which is a nonprofit organization that aims to end the AIDS epidemic.

The walk is open to individuals, teams, and also runners. One does not have to necessarily walk but can run the walk as well. If one sets a goal to $1000 and raises that money they are dubbed the “Star Walkers” but any donation is welcomed and appreciated. If one is unable to make the walk they are able to donate and raise funds.

As of 2014, there are 107,910 people in New York City living with HIV and 42% of the of the HIV positive population are over the age of 50.

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