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Are you sleeping in the right direction?


Sleeping is the perfect opportunity to meditate: no distractions and nothing better to do. It is also a chance for strengthening your body and mind, clearing your thoughts from outside stimuli, focusing on yourself, and giving yourself a moment of peace every day. However, the way you sleep might have an impact on how well these activities can take place. In this article, we’re going to talk about the best direction to sleep in according to feng shui.

Feng shui, or “wind-water” in Chinese, is an ancient oriental perspective that studies the influence of different energies – positive or negative – on everything that exists. These energies are found all around us and can be either beneficial or harmful depending on their nature. Water represents harmony and growth while wind represents fast changes and movement. In order words, feng shui is a type of “science” that studies the energies around us and tells us how to best use them for our own benefit.

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Sleeping according to feng shui means sleeping in a direction that has the most positive energy at any particular moment. This way you can make sure your body and soul receive all the benefits they require every night while also strengthening your energetic field over time thanks to this simple activity done on a daily basis. According to this oriental philosophy, there are five different directions from where we should sleep for specific purposes:

1) North

Sleeping with the head pointing north brings good fortune, long life, prosperity, and wealth. You will be more successful at work and achieve your objectives more easily. People who sleep this way are generally optimistic, energetic, and full of life.

2) South

Sleeping with the head pointing south brings vitality, energy, creativity, and passion. You might feel more motivated to learn new things or gather new experiences thanks to the influence of this direction on your body.

3) East

Sleeping with the head pointing east creates freedom. If you feel restricted in some way, if you have something holding you back or stopping you from achieving certain goals, sleeping with your head towards the east will help you release this obstacle so that nothing can stand between you and what you want to do with your life. Your self-expression will be higher than usual while being on a constant search for new things and new experiences.

4) West

Sleeping with the head pointing west creates love, emotional stability, empathy, and a sense of security. You will be more sensitive to other people’s feelings which will allow you to build stronger relationships that are based on mutual understanding. You will find it easier to follow your heart without letting logic interfere too much in the choices you make.

5) North-west

Sleeping with the head pointing north-west brings wisdom, knowledge, good intuition, and psychic abilities. Your dreams might become richer, clearer, and more meaningful while you might also experience out-of-body experiences due to this direction’s influence over your “second” consciousness i.e. sub or superconscious mind.

Sleeping towards one of these five directions will help you receive the benefits of qualities associated with that particular direction. People who sleep in different directions or even all around might experience some degree of energy fluctuation since their energetic field is not stable enough to remain undisturbed by external influences. Sleeping in all different directions might actually create the opposite effect when it comes to your goals, especially when looking for success at work or in personal relationships.

It’s also very helpful to know what direction will be good for you to sleep in at any given moment. You can check online or use an app to find this information but your intuition should also tell you which direction is best by asking yourself what type of energy you need more of right now.

Now you know all the different directions to sleep in and what they represent so let’s talk about your bed.

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Your bed, according to feng shui, should not be against a wall or placed under a window. It should also not be right next to an entrance door since this will prevent the energy from entering the room altogether which means you will start sleeping with less positive energy within minutes of going to bed. You might even end up sleeping on the opposite side that is good for you tonight and wake up feeling sluggish and tired tomorrow morning because you didn’t sleep in “your” direction. If your room cannot accommodate these two simple rules, make sure you place a mirror at least halfway across your room to reflect some of that “positive energy” back into your bed.

You also want to make sure that you have enough room around your bed so that you don’t feel “boxed in”. Your head should not be pressed against a wall, neither should your feet. The best placement for the bed would be close to but not touching the walls on either side. You can also place your bed so it faces energy pockets i.e. windows or doors that are closed before going to sleep and then face it away from those same areas when getting up in the morning. This will help improve the “positive” effect of sleeping in one direction while still allowing some “negative” energy to escape through these other openings throughout the night.

Hope this article got you thinking about whether the direction you sleep in is truly the best one for your mental and physical health. If you think about it, sleeping with the head pointing east allows for new opportunities to present themselves while sleeping on the left side boosts creativity, which is why artists are often seen sleeping on their left side. And this makes sense since both of these directions represent change and forward movement while at the same time balance each other out.

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