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9 of The Best Outdoor Arts to be Seen in New York


Free arts in New York are everywhere. Stop by neighborhood festivals, national celebrations, and scores of other events to find unforgettable artwork. Home to many sculptures, photographs, and murals, NY is a city that encourages public art. That’s why it’s no surprise to me that many artists chose to make NY their home. 

This article will look into 9 of the best outdoor arts to be seen in New York.

1. The Pool by Jen Lewin

The Pool by Jen Lewin

This magnificent art is a giant field of reflective circles of lights located in the southern part of Central Park, New York. It is open to the public day and night for people to enjoy. A huge crowd can be seen here on weekends.

The artistic pool gets activated by the touch of visitors and responds to their movements. The pool is used by Jen Lewin’s technology-based artwork that makes it possible for the ground to be turned into a computer interface.

People are allowed to interact with the pool by stepping on specific panels, which will then change the visual patterns of the lights around them. The panels are laid out in various configurations throughout the space, allowing people to create their unique dance floor!

2. Giant Heart Monument

Giant Red Heart Monument, Queens

As a tribute to healthcare workers, artists built a monument out of heavy pounds of steel. The Giant Heart Monument Hunter’s Point South Park is meant to pay homage to caregivers’ passion and hard work.

The heart-shaped monument is an absolute beauty to behold as it stands at 26 feet tall with a diameter of 12 feet. A lot of people have been seen around the area, enjoying the monument and taking photos.

The Monument is lit up by LED lights that glow in different patterns depending on the time of day and night.

3. Bloom by Habitat Workshop

The Bloom

Situated in the middle of Times Square, the Bloom is the winner of the 14th Times Square competition for love and design. A white circular roof supported by pink PVC pipes is amongst the excellent arts of how art and design can be merged to create a fascinating sight.

This flower has been built as an artwork for the public good and love of city life.

People can freely visit this site during all days of the week, whether it’s day or night, there is always a crowd here taking photos and enjoying the “Bloom”.

4. “Global Positioning”


With a pool of 20 artists, Global Positioning is a great outdoor art collection that has been set up in the World Financial Center. The purpose of this collection, as stated on their website, was to “encourage and expand contemporary experiences and interactions through dynamic public art installations”.

This art collection consists of installations that are based on each city’s landmarks, culture, and people. This outdoor art installation truly brings out the fun and happiness in people.

5. “The Giving Tree”

The Giving Tree | Image Source – NYCParks

Enjoy a moment of artistic appreciation at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, New York. If you happen to visit this park, make sure to go by “The Giving Tree” and enjoy NY arts like never before.

Located at Corona Park in Queens is a wonderful art piece called The Giving Tree. This bright purple steel structure has been built for many purposes, one of them being artwork for public appreciation.

This unique art piece has been created by artist Haksul Lee and serves as a supportive structure for vines and trees. Wind power is the source of its energy, and it lights up the park and serves as a charging station for visitors!

Moreover, the structure uses recycled materials that have been collected from local areas!

6. Rehearsal

Rehearsal | Image Source – Public Art Fund

Located at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the art is a large-scale metal sculpture that has been built as outdoor art. The sculpture consists of five unique pieces that are located in New York City.

One of the five sculptures is this one called “Rehearsal” by artist Claudia Wieser. The sculpture is made up of glazed tiles with hand painting. Moreover, the sculpture includes photographs from New York City in the 1980s and 1990s.

With a height of about 13 feet, this sculpture is built for public appreciation and has been given a beautiful spot to be seen in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

7. LIC (Re) ConnectsRehearsal

LIC Re Connects

Amongst the new and best arts in the neighborhood of Long Island City, Queens are a great way to enjoy New York during the day and night. With tons of art that use lights, colors, and shapes, there’s no doubt that you’ll find one of your favorite art installations in this area!

One of the best (Re) Connects is a large-scale public art installation called “LIC (Re) Connects” by artist No Cap.

The artwork is a brilliant example of how a city can be beautified with a few installations that are based on real New York City buildings.

8. The Bronze Sculpture by Diane Arbus

Bronze Sculpture | Image Source – Public Art Fund

Central Park‘s long-time Doris C. Freedman Plaza now has a new female figure, complete as a bronze sculpture. A statue of renowned photographer Diane Arbus is positioned with a camera in hand and pointed directly at approaching crowds. She is frozen in time just as she might have been seen wandering the streets of New York City during the 1970s. The finger was placed firmly on the shutter button, her shoes were painted a nice shade of summer orange to humanize the sculpture. The plaque featured a quote by her most famously saying: “f you scrutinize reality closely enough if, in some way you get to it, it becomes fantastic.

9. Dream Machine II

Dream Machine II | Image Source – NYC Parks

This is one of the two new sculptures were built by artist Rubem Robierb on the bridge that connects Manhattan to Randall’s Island. Also, it is one of the finest arts in NY. The NYC Parks’ ‘Art in the Park’ exhibition presents a piece by Robierb called Dream Machine II, which is a pair of brilliant blue butterfly wings that are intended to be representative of resilience.

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