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20 Merry Ways to End 2021 and Welcome the New Year

Fine Living, Leisure, Lifestyle, Things To Do

With 04 more days to the New Year, there is so much that you can do and make it memorable. And with...
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Top 3 New Restaurants in NYC

Fine Living, New York Neighborhood, Restaurants

Restaurants in NYC and in general, serve us the best food and we also serve them the best reviews. We write all about these new...
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Are you sleeping in the right direction?

Fine Living, Health & Fitness, Things To Do

Sleeping is the perfect opportunity to meditate: no distractions and nothing better to do. It is also a chance for strengthening your body...
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Modern Kosher Kitchen Ideas

Cooking, Fine Living, Lifestyle

What is a Kosher Kitchen? The term Kosher has several meanings. It can mean “fits” or...
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Must-Know Tips when Choosing Paint for a Luxury Apartment

Best of Best, Fine Living, Lifestyle

Tips on choosing the paint for any house are all over the internet. Think about who lives in the apartment and the kind of style they have....
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Money-Saving Superstitions One Shouldn’t Believe

Fine Living, Hustle & Bustle, Money Tips

Money-saving superstitions are some of the most common found on the Internet. But there are also many widespread financial myths that...
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House Hunting Tips in New York

City, Fine Living

Looking for an ideal place to live in New York can be a complicated and tedious task. The process...
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Scientists Warn that Current Efforts Are Not Enough to Save the Great Barrier Reef

Cruises, Discovery, Fine Living, Health & Fitness, Leisure, Lifestyle, Travel, Vacations • 18 Comments

Experts have recently warned that the existing plans in place to save the Great Barrier Reef are no longer capable of protecting the site...
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Pay Increase for Head US Execs Last Year

Career, Fast Money, Fine Living, Hustle & Bustle, Leisure, Lifestyle, Money Tips, WallStreet • 8 Comments

Pay packages for the US’ top executives once more escalated in 2016 following its slip the previous year. Maybe the pay jump is a...
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Fewer than 6 Hours of Sleep Could Double Risk for People with Metabolic Syndrome

Fine Living, Health & Fitness, Leisure, Lifestyle • 10 Comments

A recently done study by the American Heart Association has led researchers to conclude that...
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