15 Most Beautiful Airports in the World

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Airports are one place where you experience high-density human traffic. It is interesting to see...
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LaGuardia Airport New York Fun Facts

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The smallest Airport of New York Metropolitan is the “LaGuardia Airport”, among the three airports the largest is the John F...
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Navy Parachutist Dies During Jersey City Demonstration

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A Navy parachutist died after recently partaking in an aerial demonstration for Fleet Week this past Sunday. During the demonstration, his...
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North Korea Announces its Missiles Prepared for Mass Production

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North Korea asserted on Monday that it had victoriously tested what it claimed to be an...
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Decrease in American Airlines Coach Legroom on the Way

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Airline passengers within the United States have had a significant amount to complain about in the over the course of the last three weeks,...
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United Update: CEO to Face Court about Passenger Mistreatment

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Lawmakers castigated executives from United Airlines and other carriers this Tuesday as part of the first of two congressional hearings...
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China Ponders Stricter Sanctions on North Korea

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One of the main points that emerged from Trump’s recent meeting with US lawmakers regarding North...
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US Aircraft Carrier Risks Being Sunk by North Korea

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This Sunday North Korea openly threatened to sink a US aircraft carrier that has begun to partake in drills with two Japanese destroyers in...
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Qatar Airways CEO Negates the Benefits of Laptop Ban on Flying

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In a surprising and unexpected decision, last month Trump’s administration banned passengers from bringing anything bigger than a...
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United CEO Responds to Outrage Following Overbooked Flight Drama

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This past Sunday, an overbooked flight sparked strong reactions after the violent manner it was...
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