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Tourists Support Trump Tower


Donald Trump, the republican nominee for the 2016 election had grown support from all around the United States and the number increases with his popular New York tourist attraction: Trump Tower.

Trump Tower is one of the most distinctive attractions of not only New York but the world as well. People from all across the world come to this tower for several reasons and one of them is to support Trump on his road towards the White House.

Trump supporters come to this building to see how this republican nominee purchased this tower and what he had done with it in order to get where he was today. After he bought the property in 1979, he started to construct retail shops, offices, restaurants, and residential condominiums, according to trumptowerny.com.

More popularity came to the Tower in 2004 when Trump allowed the NBC television series, “The Apprentice” to be featured in their ballroom. This filming drew in tourists, fans, and more supporters for the republican candidate.

Tourists also come to see prestigious events being held there, which included Miss USA and the First Minister of Scotland. The Trump Tower Atrium is one of the venues in the building that hosts these events and it’s one place where a tourist can dine on their elegant food.

When people walk through the doors, they start to feel dazzled by the 68-story glass tower, a marble atrium, and the crystal chandeliers. Afterwards, travelers come to indulge in the Trump Cafe and Trump restaurant. Supporters of Trump also stop by at the counters to get their souvenirs.

Tourists also have a chance to have the exceptional view of Central Park and Manhattan on the 68th floor with the floor to ceiling windows.

With tourists coming and going to Trump Tower, this will gain a new way to explore New York City and gain the republican candidate new supporters for his presidential race.

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