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Panorama Brings The Heat To NYC


With hundreds of music festivals hitting New York City in the past few years, everyone is sure to leave memories implanted on young music lovers minds. With Electric Zoo, Electric Daisy Carnival, Governors Ball, etc., all hitting the big apple with countless artists and trendy music, it is hard to imagine yet more festivals producing the same type of vibe to concert goers. Turns out this weekend, yet another music festival left countless young adults with a memorable experience as Panorama came to New York City.

As this weekend brought some intense heat and humidity to New Yorkers, it also brought some of the hottest music and artists to Randalls Island Park for the first edition of ‘Panorama’. It was developed by the same minds who brought the worldwide known music Californian festival, Coachella. It was described as a huge success, with concertgoers battling every bit of the heat to catch a glimpse of the talents, and dance the weekend away to some of the trendiest tunes.

Free water was provided, and air conditioned stations were available in order to avoid the heat, which was nearly impossible. Asides from the weather, musical talents such as Sia, Major Lazer, DJ Khaled, and Kendrick Lamar, where just some of the many artists performing. The festival had three stages, and many food choices to offer. Like all music festivals, the lights and sound system dazzled and gave concertgoers a day filled with music and momentum.

In a shaded area of the venue, viewers were able to get a shaded area and grab a quick bite to eat and watch graffiti artists spray paint a ‘digital wall’ of subway cars which showcased the New York City culture, which is well known for graffiti, and the ‘pre internet’ era in which subway cars and stations where the gateway for graffiti art.

For the patient, the festival was a memorable one in which some stages offered no shade but a good wind in order to keep somewhat cool. But on others no wind and just shade, caused artists to get upset for the lack of enthusiasm due to the heat. Although successful, Panorama hopes to come back with much cooler weather and make the second annual Panorama even better than this one.

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