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Bloomberg To Endorse Clinton


With the upcoming elections coming up, it is no surprise that this will be one for the books. With likely democratic candidate Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump as the republican candidate, this election has already gone down as one of the most historic in it’s kinda. With Trump representing New York City, as born in Queens, it was a likely choice that former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg would have endorsed him, but to the surprise of many, he did not. Bloomberg is to endorse Clinton.

Bloomberg, a politician himself being mayor, and part of the independent party, was speculated to be running for president, but earlier in the year he dismissed the speculation. Bloomberg has been in many parties as a politician, being a democrat until 2000, then becoming a republican as he was mayor to the city, and later on went to be independent.

As many republicans are pretty unsure on Trump’s success and his republican nomination to be the president of the United States, most believed that Bloomberg would support him. A senior adviser to Bloomberg recently announced that Bloomberg would support Clinton as an independent.

Bloomberg has not only had success in politics, but also in business, and has seen both sides of the spectrum in regards to the race. The democratic convention, which is going on now in Philadelphia until the 28th, is a chance for Bloomberg to make a statement on why he thinks Clinton should be president.

Bloomberg, along with many, has not been a fan of Trump’s antics, as he criticized Trump’s views on the economy and immigration. This has caused a shift on Bloomberg’s decision to endorse Clinton, although a democrat.

Bloomberg is expected to speak on Wednesday, along with president Obama, and vice president Joe Biden. Although Bloomberg and Clinton are not friends outside of the political world, they have maintained a positive working relationship when Bloomberg was mayor, and Clinton was the senator for New York.

As the democratic convention made history, the democratic is sure to follow suit as well. As a member of the independent party it has been called unusual for someone from that party to speak at a democratic convention, so whatever Bloomberg has to say, it will already be making a statement.

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