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A New Kind of Park


Parks are by far one of the most common things in New York City. Central Park, Bryant Park, Madison Square, etc., the list could go on forever. Recently more ‘modern’ parks have come into our city, such as the High Line, which has had great success. With many more projects in the works for more nice parks in the city, a new park has just opened this past Wednesday and New Yorkers are already loving it.

A new elevated park, called Liberty Park, has opened up in Manhattans lower part, as it gives visitors a view of the 9/11 memorial and a great view of Freedom Tower and the other buildings surrounding it. The park opened up in June and is getting great reviews from tourists and locals alike.

The park sits on a 25 foot high vertical garden and offers a great view of the environment and even an imported tree from Anne Franks home in Amsterdam. The parks capacity holds up to 750 people and is 336 feet long. A wall has been built calling it the “living wall” as it is built with 826 panels that are filled with thousands of plants. The American Response Statue is located in the park as well.

Construction of the park started back in 2013, and an estimated time of completion was set for 2015 through 2017. The park was paid for by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. A small “amphitheater” space will be located at the West side of the park, making it easy for performers or singers to take up the space to lure in tourists or visitors with their talents. There will also be wooden benches throughout the park and a ramp that leads down to Greenwich street.

The new and modern park sits on top of Vehicular Security center and will have stairways that will allow guests to go up and take in the breathtaking views of lower Manhattan.

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