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Powerball hits $333 million


Everyone’s dream of being a millionaire is the drive that gets them to go out and buy lottery tickets in hopes of making their dreams a reality. Now, New Yorkers will set their sights and money towards the Powerball tickets because the new jackpot prize raises to $333 million.

The number on the Powerball changes from the last 20 drawings. Despite the last jackpot being $429 million, people try to get rich from a simple scratch off.

The cash prize of the scratch off is approximately $237 million. People can view the numbers being called either on the Powerball website or from their own television.  The Powerball website also offers people nine ways to win the lottery by showing them what they could win and the odds of them achieving their goal.

Recently this month, people decided to try their luck with the scratch off and hope that they could be millionaires.  Rudolf Serna of Fort Wayne decided to take that challenge and won $2 million. He ended up adding Power Play with an extra dollar, which led to his big victory.

Earlier in the year, winners in three states won the jackpot of $1.58 billion in three ways for the January 13th drawing, according to boston.com.

The winners in Tennessee, John and Lisa Robinson, won their share of the $1.58 billion with $327.8 million and made an appearance on NBC’s “Today.”  The champion from Chino Hills, California, however, has yet to be identified.

Other people had different strategies and ideas for becoming rich. Maureen Smith, the Melbourne beach, Florida winner explained to the Florida Lottery that she bought with the same six numbers for years before she won, according to CNN Money.

People’s journey of becoming millionaires is not an easy road to take, but with the Powerball lottery they can still try and hope to be the next jackpot winners.

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