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The Stonewall Inn Goes Monumental


The Stonewall Inn started out as a gay rights movement in 1969 and now it became the first national monument for LGBT rights.

In New York City 1969, the bar was there when the gay pride began.  It was the location where the gay community refused the status quo of oppression and started to stand up for themselves.  People often referred the stand as the “Rosa Parks movement,” according to the Stonewall Inn website.

During that point in history, it was illegal to serve alcohol to homosexuals and to dance with one another.  Other rules similar to those were set and people were getting themselves arrested because of these laws and people’s beliefs.  Since then, protesters began to stand up against the police and fight for their rights.

The Inn holds various events and shows throughout the year celebrating their achievements, especially during Pride weekend.  They hosted a pride parade in order to help show their support for the tragic shootings in Orlando.  The event entertains their guests and fellow supporters with DJ’s.

Nicole Hayes, a member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America said in the New York Daily News, “Here in New York it’s Pride weekend.  It’s a great way to kick off Pride.”

Employees of the newly monumental Stonewall Inn also satisfy their community with their rooms and performances.  One of them includes the Adonis Lounge, which involves live dancers, lap dances and champagne rooms.

Tourists also come to join in on the games and entertainment that the bar offers.  Some of which consist of bingo, go fish, pool, and karaoke.  New Yorkers come to enjoy music, dancing, games and to honor those who stood up in the movement.

LGBT members come and go to show their love and encouragement for those who fought for their rights in the past and now the historical landmark is now a national monument .

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