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Open House New York


Ever wonder what it’s like to enter the doors of some of New York’s most important buildings? We’re not talking about the Empire State Building, or Freedom Tower, or even Rockefeller Center. We’re not talking landmarks buildings that offer tourist attractions. We’re talking, historical and contemporary buildings, such as residential and industrial buildings with tours, performances, and talks all taking place one weekend in October.

On October 5th, 250 sites will be reviled as Open House New York will be held from October 15th to the 16th. Across the five boroughs one will be able to explore and learn more about New York’s biggest architectural advances. Some of the sites included in this years open house include, the construction site of the New York Wheel in Staten Island, which is set to open in 2018, one of the Wonder Theaters in Queens, the under constructed pier 17 seaport site, Metropolitan Opera House over at Lincoln Center, and the Garden at Via 57 West.

This year will be special, as it is the centennial year of the National Park Service. Open House New York will be teaming up with the service to provide lead tours of Ellis Island, Gramercy, the birthday place of late president Teddy Roosevelt, and General Grant National Memorial. The concept is to not only showcase the importance of what some buildings hold to New York, it also wants to show the future of the city. Landscape is a concept in this, as it shows the future of landscape in future projects of New York City.

In showing residential locations, only the most talked about will be shown, such as the Art Deco landmarks, and the downtown Pine Street building, which was recently converted from office space into luxurious apartments for downtown living.

This will be the 14th edition of the open house, and most sites are free to the public, although some require a advanced reservation and can cost five dollars per person. Past attractions have been City Hall, New York State Pavilion, and the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

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