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New York Park Adds Squash to the court


When New Yorkers walk through the park, they see kids, adolescents and competitive teams playing baseball, basketball and other sports.  Now, Hamilton Fish Park is bringing squash to the court.

The park on Manhattan’s Lower East Side is having the new upgrade later this month.  This will give the people of New York City a chance to play squash.  This sport is rare in the city and are usually placed in private clubs.

The Public Squash Foundation decided to change this predicament and offer people this sport with the new court coming their way.  They chose Hamilton Fish Park because of its highly populated neighborhoods and numerous schools around it, according to the Bloomberg pursuits website.

The founders of the organization have started fundraisers and had a $3,000 interest-free loan from a supporter of their project.  Their hard work and common goal has raised them approximately $70,000.  Now, New Yorkers can have another outdoor sport to play and it fits with their choice on design.

The squash court is designed with safety glass and subfloor drainage.  They wanted their new project to be enjoyed in the fresh air with rain or shine.  Also, people who don’t have their own equipment for the sport, they can use the new rental when they join the Hamilton Fish Recreation Center for $100 a year, according to the Bloomberg pursuits website.

When the new squash court arrives in the park, tourists will see kids and athletes smacking the ball all around that court and think about joining them.  If the new project is a success after the year of playing, the founders could plan on a second installation.

If someone is a squash fanatic or a lover of sports, then wait until the new squash court comes this month at the Hamilton Fish Park.

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