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In With The New, Out With The Old


You walk by the deserted huge space, where a 160,00 square foot beloved toy story used to lie, and now nothing. What was once the toy capital of the world is now nothing but a memory to thousands of New Yorkers, and fans from around the country and globe. Toys R Us in Times Square was the home of all toys, and catered to thousands of visitors daily with its extravagant displays, giant Ferris wheel, and over the top toys. Nostalgia is what hits many when walking past the now abandoned building, as it once shined with glittering signs, and colors that would welcome even adults.

The major question now is, what is that building going to be next? Well, earlier last year when it was announced that Toys R Us Times Square would be shutting it’s doors, speculation right away was addressed as to what would go into that space next. It was reported that Gap and Old Navy would convert the space into flagship stores. The building attracted both stores, as it is large enough to house two flagship stores. Even though they are two companies that are popular, it still is not expected to bring as much business to the world famous Times Square.

Many are saying Times Square is not what it used to be as the toy store brought in visitors from all over the world, and also locals, and people from around the country. Kids and families were the main visitors on weekends, and now with the site looking very plain, many businesses fell, and many closed their doors as well.

Although business was at a good level with the toy store sprawling across the blocks of West 44th and West 45th, Times Square is still expected to lure in visitors when it opens it doors to the new remodeled look. The site is estimated to cost over 10 million dollars, and is expected to open up in early 2017. There will also be 25,000 square feet of extra space for other retailers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

For now New Yorkers and tourists will have to struggle through their nostalgia when walking by the famed toy store, and only reminisce on the countless memories and excitement one may have had when walking through those doors, and hope that whatever will be brought into the middle of Times Square, can be as exciting and appealing as our famed toy store.

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