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Harlem/Havana Exchanges with New York


This coming August, an exchange between New York and Cuba will bring in the Harlem/Havana Music and Cultural Festival.

According to Billboard, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo and Cuban Embargo opponent, Charles Rangel, came to an agreement and alerted the debut of the festival to all New Yorkers.

During Harlem week, the festival will hold numerous entertainment attractions for tourists to see and take part of. The festival contains cultural enjoyments with music, dancing, films, food and more.

Cuban musicians are going to perform at the festival this year, including the Latin jazz saxophonist, Cesar Lopez. Mr. Lopez is considered one of the most important sax players in the Latin jazz, according to the musician’s website.

Many more people plan on to impress the partygoers with their dance groups like the JJ Folkloric Dance Company and their top Cuban chef, Raul Colon.

The U.S. embargo against Cuba had been stopping the festival from happening for years. In 1960, the United States wouldn’t accept anything from Cuba other than food and medicine. After a long wait, New Yorkers will come and get themselves a cultural experience.

“It made me so proud to see that it is who we are taking this first important step with the blessing of the government, knowing that this is good for humankind,” Rangel said in the New York Daily News.

The festival is designed to celebrate the reunion of the relationship between New York and Cuba. They enjoy their new agreement by using rich artistic culture and filling the people with joy.

The event begins on Aug. 12 through 21 in New York and the festivities continue in Cuba in February 2017 to engage the Havana audience.

The Harlem/Havana Music and Cultural Festival is the ideal place for those who enjoy, music, culture and honor the two countries for coming together again.

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