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Where to go Water Fowl Hunting in New York?

Water Fowl

Water Fowl Hunting has been around as long as there were rifles.

For some, it’s an outdoor activity passed down from generation to generation. For others, it’s a chance to collect dinner.

What started out as a simple pastime has become much more regulated thanks to increasing environmental concerns and other factors leading to conservation efforts.

Luckily for the hunters of New York, there are many places you can still go about your duck hunting or bird hunting with little hassle if any at all!

5 Best Places for Water Fowl Hunting in and around New York:

Bear Swamp State Forest

Bear Swamp State Forest is part of the New York State Forest system.

It’s located in Columbia County, NY (close to Berwick). The area was previously logged by loggers that harvested it for timber. You can still find stumps and fallen trees around the area. As well as multiple trails to explore.

There’s an extensive trail system leading through nearly all areas of the forest; which makes getting around easy!

This heavily wooded forest has a lot of water access, even more so once you get out onto the shoreline itself. There are two bays namely “Briggs Bay” and “Hollow Brook Bay.” Hollow Brook Bay tends to be very shallow while Briggs Bay can accommodate boats.

Fort Niagara State Park

Fort Niagara State Park is a historic site located in the town of Lewiston, New York.

The park is located on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Something to consider if you’re going hunting for ducks or geese that could land on one of the many bodies of water nearby.

The park offers hiking trails and a secluded beach area as well as several other features. It’s a fun place to explore with family even if you’re not looking for a good spot to hunt waterfowl!

Finger Lakes Region, NY

There are plenty of areas around the Finger Lakes region where you can go bird hunting or duck hunting! One such location would be Canadice State Park – this park has over seven trails that span across the park.

There are also two bodies of water within the park, however, these tend to freeze over during the winter months. The Canadice Lake is a popular fishing lake amongst locals and visitors alike!

Another interesting feature would be “Canadice Hill.” This hill contains several miles of trails that were once used by Native Americans for transportation purposes.

Other notables are Seneca Lake, Cayuga Lake, Owasco Lake, Skaneateles Lake, Keuka Lake, Hemlock Lake, Canandaigua Lake. All have boat ramps to access them so you can take your boat out on any one of them while hunting waterfowl!

Cross Lake Island, NY

Located in the town of Webster, Cross Lake Island is a popular spot for duck hunting or waterfowl hunting. Local huntsmen often share information about the area because it’s so well known.

There are two types of marshlands on either side of Cross Lake Island. Most of these areas host multiple ducks and geese during most times of the year. The island itself has an interesting history behind it as well!

If you’re looking for a fun vacation spot where you can easily go duck hunting or bird hunting, you might want to consider going to Cross Lake Island! Make sure to visit their Facebook page!

Stewart State Forest/Conesus Lake

Located in Livingston County, Conesus Lake has plenty of land and water for duck hunting and geese. It’s a beautiful lake surrounded by trees on either side. Visitors often enjoy fishing on the lake as well!

There’s also Stewart State Forest, which is great for hunters that want to go on long hikes or just want to get away from society for a short while. The area holds several miles of trails you can explore with your family too!

The forest can be accessed via three different parking lots; there’s parking at the “Pine Tree” lot (Lot #3) and the Blackfoot Pond/Deer Run lot (Lot #6). Avoid Lot #7 because it tends to get very crowded.

And of course, don’t forget about Stewart Falls! This is a popular sport in the park and is perfect for sightseers and hikers in general. It’s a great place to rock climb and enjoy nature at its finest.

The entire area is also managed by New York State so keep that in mind if you go hunting waterfowl or duck hunting!

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