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10 Cruise Ship Facts to Fascinate you!


Touring on a cruise ship is not a bad idea. If you have not tried it yet, try one! Do you know that a Cruise Ship carries more passengers than any other mode of transport? Yes, a Cruise ship can accommodate more than 2000 visitors at a time. Do you want to know what a cruise ship has inside? Wonder what fun activities you would get on the cruise? What are typical day-to-day things do happen on board? Today we will look into 10 Cruise Ship Facts that will fascinate you.

Cruise Ship is a Mobile Hotel!

A cruise ship acts as a mobile hotel which means that it will definitely have the same amenities and luxuries as any other five-star hotel. A visitor can enjoy swimming, spa, sports activities in addition to having good food in the restaurants. The crew onboard plants to keep their customers happy and entertained in all possible ways they can think of. To make your trip more fun, you need to know what is available when you are on board.

Ship Life Expectancy

Cruise ships are supposed to retire after 30 years of service or even before depending upon their quality or value left. An average Cruise ship costs $1billion to build which makes it really tough for companies to keep replacing them regularly. For example, the oldest active cruise ship in the world is Norway which was built back in 1990. The next one is Queen Elizabeth 2 vessel which is 22 years old currently.

Itinerary of a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships follow very strict schedules to maintain their routes and itineraries. A set route ensures that they do not miss any port even if they are behind schedule for some reason. Most companies hire freelance tour operators who assist with organizing different events at each stopover location where guests can explore on land tours or even join water fun activities like snorkeling or diving (if available). You will find this itinerary published with your tickets or you can go online to search about it as well.

Source of Power for Cruise Ships

Most cruise ships use diesel engines to travel which is actually designed by Wartsila (Finnish power plant manufacturing company). Diesel engines are often preferred because they offer high fuel efficiency and reduce the cost involved in cruising. Also, they do not produce any emissions when compared with other fuels like heavy oil which increases safety aspects. These diesel engines are connected to three shafts attached to a single propeller. When cruising, ships must maintain slow speeds almost around 9-12 knots only to provide comfort during your vacation period. There is another myth that these ships can run on electric power at low speed but it is just an urban legend.

Cruise Ship Cabins

Cruise ship cabins are designed according to your budget and preference. There are budget-friendly options available when you book in advance which is the reason why most tourists prefer them over other modes of transport. If money is not a constraint then premium cabins (mini-suites) can be chosen to enjoy more luxury facilities like a private dining area, Jacuzzi, etc.

Cruise Ship Restaurants

Food served on board will be mostly western with some local vegetarian dishes as well depending upon the route and destination of the ship. Do not expect 5-star restaurants onboard or else you might end up disappointed (not all ships offer this service). To make sure, ask about the restaurants available before finalizing the trip because every company has its own policies for food services.

Shops on Cruise Ships

Souvenirs and duty-free items are the top-selling products onboard which you can buy at very cheap rates. For example, a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka costs just $18 when you purchase from shops onboard while it is around $35 in US airports. The ship also has a florist who will arrange fresh flowers for guest’s rooms once they return from tours during the day.

Cruise Ship Pet

Cruise ships do accept pets (mostly cats and small dogs) but the facilities vary by company. There are strict rules about feeding them or taking them out during tours so make sure you check before booking tickets for your furry friends. They must be kept in cages while inside the cabin and can enter restaurants and public places once approved by staff on duty.

The Biggest Cruise Ship in the World

The biggest cruise ship currently is Oasis of the Seas owned by Royal Caribbean International with a capacity of carrying more than 6 thousand passengers which is huge when compared to other ships in the industry. There are plans underway by Carnival Corporation to build even bigger cruise ships by next year which will have the capacity of accommodating more than 7 thousand people in total.

Cruise Ship Abandonment

Cruise companies follow strict policies when it comes to emergency situations. Each ship has trained crew members who are responsible for handling unexpected situations during tours so there is no chance of abandoning passengers even if they are caught in difficult situations at sea. The company’s main priority is your safety before anything else, but again it depends on the route and destination that you choose because some ships can go out further into the ocean whereas others do not offer this service at all.

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