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Hershey Store to Become Bigger, Chocolate-er


Indulging in a Hershey bar at the famous Times Square store may just have to wait, but for good reasons! The famous sweet store is set on opening a new location, triple the size of its current location on the corner of West 47th Street, and seventh avenue.

For over ten years, the store has indulged customers in all the Hershey candies and several unique products. Although the location is small, only about 2,200 square feet, it still brings in over three million visitors in a year. Not only is it a treat for New Yorkers, it attracts tourists and visitors with its digital billboard and colorful outside display.

Hershey is set on opening a bigger store to not only give it more space to what it has now, but also to attract the 300,000 pedestrians that walk through the famous square every day. This comes at a good time since news broke out that Toys “R” Us would be closing in Times Square, which brought it millions visitors to the famous street, and Times Square was visibly slowing down. The NFL is also planning a permanent exhibit in Times Square, bringing back its momentum.

The new location for the Hershey store will feature an 18,000 square feet sign that will wrap the corners of the store. More details are being worked on, and details will be provided once the final details are set. This also comes with high hopes to keep the Hershey company successful, as it recently denied a $23 billion takeover from the snack company, Mondelez international.

The store will give a bigger rival to its competitor store, M&M world, as they would be only a block away. The current store will remain open during construction.

Construction for the new store will begin next year, and if all goes according to plan, Hershey hopes to open by late next year. A little early to say but perfect timing for Christmas 2017? We hope so!

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