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Sonos now Making a Home in New York City


The future is here, so it’s time to throw away those old cassettes, dvd players and ihomes, the new Sonos are taking over. As the leader of home sound systems, Sonos has released its own flagship retail store in Soho, New York City. Set to open on July 19th at 101 Greene Street, Sonos is guaranteeing an incredibly new sound system for your home.

Music lovers and families will be able to personally choose their own sound system that accommodates their ears the best through a personalized listening experience. There’s a variety of wireless smart speakers that can be beneficial to the home sound system as well.

The store is expecting to move listeners like they’ve never been moved before. Dmitiri Siegel, Sonos VP, Global Brand, expresses his desire for people to go into the store and feel as comfortable as possible while listening to good music in a quality so pleasing to the ear like they’ve never experienced it before.

The concept? Home. Since this is a home sound system, the interior of the new store will bring familiar comfort and vibes like an actual home. In the 4,200 square foot store, there will be seven unique Sonos listening rooms, where people can find comfort in each of them. Since everyone has their own unique definition of home and comfort, each room is designed to imitate the home, allowing options for listeners to find and match their level of moderation and satisfaction.

Not only will the store be physically comforting and pleasing, it will also be aesthetically welcoming with original artwork within the space. You can’t feel comfortable unless you enjoy your surrounding scenery.

The Sonos system itself varies in prices based on what the customer is looking for. In addition to the store, one can also purchase Sonos sound systems at Sonos.com.
If you’re up for a relaxing time in a unique store and looking for a new home sound system, pop by Sonos new store in Soho, New York and listen to your favorite music comfortably.

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