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Late Night Pokemon Go Hunt Jams Traffic in Central Park

Summer is here and Pokemon Go players are out. The new game that just came out on smartphones just a few weeks ago has been the new craze and everybody’s playing it! Ages vary from as young as eight to as old as forty-five years old. Anyone can play, and everyone’s addicted.

This past weekend, on July 15, a rare Pokemon, Vaporeon, was spotted in Central Park, NYC, leading to a stampede of Pokemon hunters to run into the park, some even abandoning their own cars in traffic.

A video was posted on YouTube, which is currently going viral with over a million views, witnessing the extraordinary event. In the video, you can see a group of people, mostly around the ages of 20-30, running into the park during traffic, following wherever their smartphones bring them. Interestingly, there are two groups of people in the video: the crazed Pokemon Go fans looking for the Pokemon, and the people recording the crazed fans in fascination and hilarity.

Shockingly, this isn’t the first stampede that has occurred since the release of the popular game. There have been events in places such as Boston, Utah and Des Moines, where there were invasions from Pokemon Go players, halting traffic and even causing car accidents.

You can’t deny that it is quite humorous for a gathering of grown adults to drop whatever they’re doing and run to Central Park, even abandoning their cars, just to catch a virtual Pokemon for a game. While this game has more downloads than many other apps and games, it’s predicted that the craze will die down in a few weeks or months, or when the summer is over and people realize that they have to be actual adults and actually contribute to society like they have been doing before Pokemon Go.

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go (where have you been?!), then you can download it in the app store of your smartphone, but don’t be alarmed when you spot a bunch of people crowding an area of land as if they were tourists, because they’re most likely not… just Pokemon Go hunters.
There have been reports of accidents and dangerous circumstances as a result of this addicting game, so if you plan on playing Pokemon Go, don’t drive and play it, don’t cross the street and have your face in it, and don’t go abandon your car in traffic, please.

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