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Lunchbox; A New Kind Of Ferry


Ferry’s run through the Hudson river, or through the waters near Liberty Island all day and everyday in NYC. Now a new kind of ferry is embarking all over the city as the “Lunchbox” ferries arrived at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was at the site to welcome the new ferries to the city. As a new “wave” of transportation on the Big Apple described by Mayor de Blasio, the ferries will be $2.75 to ride on and will offer transportation to new areas that no ferry has done so before. The ferries are operated by San Francisco company, Hornblower, and will be service to many new destinations such as Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. In 2018 they are to expand even more, by going to Far Rockaway and Astoria. The Bronx is also expected to get a ferry route as well in due time. There will be 20 ferries, two which already made a journey from Liberty Landing in New Jersey, to Brooklyn Bridge Park for the dedication ceremony.

The ferries are ahead of schedule with their new way of transportation, making the service available on May 1st. It has been described by de Blasio as a new way of transportation for New Yorker’s and it will improve the quality of life for many by having this service available and make it a different form of transportation rather than what most are used to.

The ferries will come equipped with alcohol for those making a trip to another borough, or simply are in need of a drink. The first vessel was christened by deputy mayor Alicia Glen and the name “Lunchbox” comes from second grade students. Other vessels will be named “McShiny” and “Friendship Express”. Creative names for a creative form of transportation.

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