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Fireworks Bring Millions


As another Fourth of July weekend came to a close, another spectacular show was displayed by Macy’s in the Big Apple.

Macy’s displayed it’s 40th show in the city and it was quite the spectacle for millions of New Yorkers and television watchers from around the world. It was once again the largest firework show in the nation and could be seen from many locations in the city.

Although the weather was not cooperating at first, a small amount of rain did not ruin the celebration for those who waited all day to get a view of the fireworks. Queens and Long Island City were among the most popular areas to watch the fireworks, with some viewers waiting since morning to catch a view of the display.

Although the show went off without a glitch, what many were not aware off is that the NYPD sent off more officers than ever before to patrol the area and keep security high. Over 5,000 officers were sent to the 24 areas in which there was an entrance to a viewing point near the East river. It was the most protected fourth of July in Manhattan as officers wore helmets, and vests, as well as having k-9’s assisting the area, and NYPD boats patrolling the areas as well.

56,000 shells were shot from the river to the sky, with many colors dazzling in the sky at spectators. The show lasted 30 minutes and audiences were in for quite the show, as it kept its promise to be the best show since the millennial year. Pyro-writing was introduced as “USA” was shown in the sky with it’s special effects.

Meghan Trainor and Kenny Chesney performed for NBC’S live broadcast, and the Air Force band delivered an outstanding performance that synchronized with the fireworks.

Although drizzles came down and may have almost postponed the show, New Yorker’s insisted the show must go on and that’s exactly what it did.

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