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WIFI at New York City Airports? Think Again


When one travels to two of the busiest airports in the world, they are expecting good service, a fast paced security team, and good assistance. Rest assured, that in New York City’s two most busiest airports, that is not the case.

A new study conducted by the New York Post has concluded that New Yorker’s are extremely upset with New York’s airports, LaGuardia, Newark, and John F Kennedy airport. Many complaints have been received among the Port Authority, which runs the three airports. One of the main reasons, Wifi.

Throughout the United States, all major airports in major cities have supplied Wifi to all passengers in order to make traveling more adequate. What many in New York are not understanding is how some of the busiest airports in America and in the world are not supplying free Wifi. All three airports only offer about a half hour of free wifi before one is expected to pay $4.95 per hour. If one is a frequent flier, one can pay $9.95 a month, and if one is expected to stay at the airport all day, a $7.95 fee is applied for a day. Travelers are angry about the fee as many travel many times in a year and find it very inequitable.  Talk about an inconvenience in a place where people should find things that are convenient.

With more and more delays expected as security tightens up, wifi will be wanted more as many travelers rely on their phones to make time go by faster or to communicate with family friends or co-workers. In airports that see millions of travelers in a year, it has earned the title of ‘most hated airports’. The absence of wifi is just one of the many reasons as to why the airports are becoming disliked to many travelers from not just New York, but all over the world. Last year reports came out on the slow speed of security and custom lines.

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