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Heat is Coming to NYC


If you’re traveling to NYC this week, you may want to dress lightly.

Summer has arrived in full strength to the Big Apple as hot temperatures and humid days are expected to slam across the city. Humidity will increase and temperatures will rise making the city feel over 100 degrees at points. Meteorologists are expecting a heat wave to stay throughout the week, and the National Weather Advisory are issuing a heat warning that is expected to go until Friday. Heat waves are defined as three days or more with temperatures over 90 degrees.

Thursday is expected to hit a booming 95 degrees, and Friday may bring on a thunderstorm which will alleviate the hot temperatures and bring on cool 80-degree weather to the city.

The National Weather Advisory is advising all residents to use air conditioners if available or to move to spend time in a cool place as these heat waves are extremely dangerous. An air quality advisory has also been put into place because of the high pollution areas, which are made worse by the high temperatures and humidity. The advisory was issued in Long Island and northern suburbs.

Thanks to applications on phones many residents are predicting for the weather to feel over 100 in the next couple days, but many meteorologists are saying that New York City was “due for a heat wave” and with some others expected to come at some point in the Summer as well. They are not uncommon to hit the city.

Cooling centers will be open until 8 P.M. and with Thursday opening at 8 A.M.. People with no air condition, elders, and people with heart conditions are advised to visit the cooling center as the heat waves are extremely dangerous to the health.

This is the first heat warning issued for the Summer in New York City.

Stay cool, stay refreshed, stay safe!

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