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Tim Burton Restaurant? It Exists


When one envisions Tim Burton, they usually think of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Corpse Bride”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and much much more movies. His fantastic world has captivated the minds of millions along with sending a message in his films.

Now, New Yorkers are in for a treat. Another Tim Burton film? Not quite yet, even though rumor has it, the live action version of ‘Dumbo’ is set to be directed by Burton. The treat is sweet, as New Yorkers have been indulging in the ‘Tim Burton-themed bar’ called “Beetle House”, dedicated to all things Tim Burton.

The bar is inspired by Burton’s hit film ‘Beetlejuice’, and much more of his films. The drinks, as well as the food, are all dedicated to some type of work Burton has produced. According to the website’s menu, one may want to sip on “The Beetle’s juice”, or if that’s not quite your tasting there is an “Alices cup o’ tea”, or if one is looking for something sweet there is the “chocolate chocolate martini”. As for the food some of the creative names, to name a few are, “Edward Burger Hands”, “Cheshire Mac”, and “Mad Shrimp”.

Inside the restaurant, one not only indulges in great food, but it also gets a sense that they are in a Tim Burton film. With it’s purple and pink lighting, unique decor, and antiques spread throughout the whole place, it is easy to get a sense that one is in the world of Burton. Old chandeliers hang down making one feel like they are on the set of one of his films, and original artworks from some of his movies adorn the walls. It also wants to give one a ‘spooky’ atmosphere, in order to feel the vibe one usually gets in a Tim Burton film. The help of spider webs, skulls, and Danny Elfman music, who usually does the scores in his films, makes all of that possible.

Beetle House is located in the East Village on 308 East 6th street. Once opened the restaurant has been loaded with guests reveling over the food, drinks, and atmosphere. A unique experience to impress New Yorkers and tourists.

Featured Image via Flickr / Ken30684

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