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Welcome to Flavor Town


Food Network star, Guy Fieri, has done it again. Simply amazing me with his unimaginable new ideas. Fieri has restaurants located all over the United States, including New York City. Stationed in possibly the most crowded part of the city, Guy’s American Restaurant & Bar (yes, that’s what it’s called), the restaurant attracts many vulnerable tourists eager to try something exotic.

First off, regardless of the location, there are huge signs hanging all around the restaurant advertising Guy’s face, making sure the attention of tourists is caught… or just hardcore Guy Fieri fans (or just the meme-loving ones). As a New Yorker who frequents Guy Fieri on the food network, I predicted the inside of the restaurant to be incredibly cheesy and full of memes. However, I was shocked and proven wrong.

My friends and I have been dying to go to check out the restaurant since the day we read Pete Wells’ hilariously harsh critique about the place. Honestly, it made me love it even more. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it 100% if you’re looking for a good laugh

However, despite all the harsh critiques and criticism, I found the place to be quite appetizing, but it definitely had its flaws. I was much more shocked about the appearance of the interior than the food itself. The food was Guy Fieri; exotic and greasy. On the other hand, the restaurant itself was quite comforting and didn’t have a “greasy” feeling to it. Pretty classy for Guy, I have to say.

Although a bit pricey, I wouldn’t mind hanging out there again, and maybe next time I can get a Flavor Town t-shirt. I would definitely recommend it just for the exotic experience,  get a couple of laughs in and possibly even meet the legendary Guy Fieri himself (a waiter told us that Guy has visited the restaurant a couple times!).

Featured Image via Guy’s American

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