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Thank You, NYC Parks


Summer; a time where you can relax and not worry about a thing, right? Wrong. Many people, especially teens like me, stress during the summer on how to stay in shape. Since school is out, you now have no obligation to get out of bed (I mean, unless you have a job… which most people do…). However, there are only two types of summers. Lazy summers or overworked summers. Lazy summers where you have no job or overworked summers where you are juggling multiple tasks. With all of this in mind, how are you going to stay in shape to go to the beach and flaunt that beach bod?

As a college student who dorms, it’s hard to find a gym outside of school to commit to because I don’t want to be making monthly or yearly payments when I’m not going to utilize their facilities most of the time. This is the part where I thank the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

I’ve recently joined a recreation center that washed away all of my worries, in partnership with NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation. With locations all over the city, NYC Parks provides an affordable guilt-free commitment membership for people all ages trying to stay in shape. Unlike other gyms who make you commit and guilt you to pay for a gym membership that you’re probably going to stop using after two weeks, NYC Parks’ affordable prices give you the option. Obviously, you want to go to the gym as much as you can to obtain your body goals, but the gym I go to is probably the most worth it.

Here goes the amazing deal:

Youth under 18 – FREE

18 to 24 y/o, veterans, people with disabilities, and 62+ y/o – $25 a YEAR

Adults (25-61) – $150 a YEAR or $75 for six months

I’ve noticed that a lot of older people know about this as there are definitely a lot of seniors at the gym I go to. However, it’s a great price for teens and adults as well. In addition, a membership at one gym means membership to ALL the other recreation centers within the city. (WHAT?!) It seems unreal, but let me tell you, it’s definitely real. I haven’t been to the other gyms in the city yet, but the one I go to was just newly built and it’s super clean and spacious with enough equipment and machines for you to obtain your summer body.

So what are you waiting for? If you live in New York City, want to stay in shape, and are on a budget, take advantage of this great deal now. Even if you decide not to go to the gym, you won’t feel guilty about wasting your money! Thank you, NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation.

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