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Memory Lane to Governor’s Island


One of my favorite places in New York City is Governor’s Island. You get to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the city without having to go somewhere far. As a teenager, it is one of those places that I couldn’t wait to go with my family and friends because it was my escape from the anchors of city life. It was my Hogwarts, My Narnia.

The journey to Governor’s Island was almost as fun as the place itself. Riding the ferry to the island and getting to see the amazing skyline of Manhattan from the ferry is an experience that all New Yorkers should have.

The family picnics, walking and biking around Governor’s Island and goofing off and talking for hours are the memories that I will always carry with me. It reminds me of a simpler, less responsible time with no work or bills to worry about. I had no care in the world and forgot about everything except for the moment itself.

As a teenager and even during my recent trips back to Governor’s Island, I remember being awed by cool art pieces all over the island. Cool art structures and watching artists work on their art pieces made me feel like I was watching something ethereal.

Stepping onto Governor’s Island feels like traveling back in time. The houses have been kept there for a long time and you can walk into some of the houses and see how people used to live over a century ago. There’s even a prison and while it may look like it was used to lock up mythical creatures, that hasn’t been officially confirmed.

If I had to recommend a place to tourists, Governor’s Island would be high on my list of places you have to go to at least once. I have gone there numerous times and usually try to sneak it in my schedule if possible. Every year, the island has numerous events and different art structures up. Some of my fondest memories live on the island and future memories are waiting their turn to set their foot on Governor’s Island.

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