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Teardrop memorial On Honor of World Trade Center Attack and The Deceased

Teardrop memorial

The Teardrop memorial created of granite stones and the granite surface consists of the name of 3024 deceased victims of the tragic incident of 9/11.

World Trade Center was one of the busiest places in the world during the 80s. While the idea to build the historical center in New York dated back to 1943, this was the time when the economic growth of the country was experienced, in upcoming years. The development in economy and business was mostly in Midtown Manhattan. It was the new formation of a modern and attractive city within the country.
Lots of people visit this historical Teardrop memorial that is a sculpture on the memory of the terror attack on the World Trade Center. The collapsed building was ruined in just one hour, while its history explains the long time to provide a proposal and complete it finally.
The plan of the tallest business and commercial building was disclosed in 1964, the first idea of the building designer Minoru Yamasaki was to raise the floors to 80 storied, a twin tower, but as per the demand of the Port Authority, an increase of stories were to 110 numbers of floors. It was to meet the requirement of the excess floor area to form office space and commercial space.
Restaurants were at the North Tower’s 106th and 107th floors, the unbelievable costs of the interiors and excellent finishing of the floors were of 17$ million. The name of the restaurant was “Windows on the world”.
The twin towers’ existence of the building was destroyed. The accommodation of commercial spaces and offices had faced a disastrous attack on 9/11, the black day. On this day 9/11, the terrorist attack was carried out by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

World Trade center and Teardrop memorial

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“The Teardrop Memorial” describes a Terrorist attack

The height of “The Teardrop Memorial” is 100 feet tall that was dedicated to the victims of the World Trade Center in 2001. The monument was built, by Russia and presented to New York.
While the incident of World trade center carried out on 19 numbers of Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked two airlines United Airlines and American Airlines that flew from the northeastern US to San Francisco and Los Angeles crashed into the twin towers of the world trade center. The worst day in American history, it was on the same day a third plane American airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia. Though later a war of terror followed against the Alqaeda leadership in Afghanistan, there was a massive loss of human lives with 25,000 injuries and 2,977 with victim fatalities.

The black day 9/11 Rebuilding…..
On the memory of the tragic victims who lost their lives in the terror attack of the world trade center in New York, the teardrop memorial was built by the famous artist Tsereteli from Russia. He was moved by the sorrows and cries that pushed him to sculpt the memorial design.
The structure was built in Russia, while after completion of the sculpture was transported to New York. The sculpture was dedicated to the abode to heaven and victims who suffered till their last breathe.
The ceremony of the placed monument was held on September 11, 2006, presence of President Bill Clinton, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Senator Frank Lautenberg, including with the family members of the deceased.

The structure is located, catches the eyes towards ” The teardrop memorial” while sailing through the New York Port, visitor see The teardrop memorial, it reminds of the black day 9/11.
“Teardrop Memorial”, resembling the Twin Tower is covered with bronze-clad. In between hangs, a nickel surfaced teardrop, expressing the sorrow, the loss occurred due to the terror attack. The teardrop is black and is 40 feet long; it has eleven sides covered by the names of the people killed on 9/11.

Last but not the least, it was in 2011 in September 4 feet steel part was placed near to the sculpture.

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