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CoronaVirus Detected In New York Lead to Release of New Guidelines

New guidelines for coronavirus tests

New guidelines have been issued recently from CDC assuring about the coronavirus test can be carried out by any American; no restrictions are subjected to the doctor’s orders. This was stated by the vice president “Mr. Pence” at the White house.

After the news of the first case of the novel coronavirus, New Yorkers are facing anxieties; mostly people who work in public areas that include offices, commercial places are the reason for concern. It has been announced by the New York administration that mild symptoms of the virus will not cause any kind of life risk.

To fight against the pandemic situation the city administration has released new protocols on proper cleaning of the public areas, as crowded areas are prone to the spreading of viral diseases. Mike Pence, the vice president said that the centers for Disease Control and Prevention are increasing all kinds of restrictions to test and obtain the result rapidly, no matter if it has mild or severe symptoms.

The mild symptoms reported in a Man from Brooklyn returned from Iran

A man resident of Brooklyn New York was rushed to the emergency department after he was seen severely having breathing problems. Above all, he was having a cough and fever after returning from Japan that has already been detected with the coronavirus among more than 200 people.

After returning to his country no test was carried out and he was allowed to have a normal life, as his condition did not look life-threatening. So CDC denied the request of the hospital for the coronavirus test and granted him to lead a normal life.

But it was the last Thursday when he was rushed to the hospital isolated covered with mask, gowns, and goggles.

He does not know if he is suffering from the virus but due to the symptoms, he has isolated himself in his apartment after returning back home.

Confirmed case of coronavirus

On 1st March 2020, the lady who had traveled to Iran has been confirmed with attacks of the coronavirus. The 39-year-old woman had been to Iran, and recently she was isolated after returning to New York at her home for a few days. She was taken care by healthcare officials, and then the healthcare professionals were suggested to stay isolated for two weeks. This is the first case of coronavirus in New York that has been confirmed.

In initial steps taken by the government of New York, the travelers who have been returning after foreign tours were requested to isolate themselves for the next 14 days. This was a precaution for the citizens of New York. It was then the woman who was facing the respiratory problem, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that the symptoms are present but do not reflect any serious condition. The patient’s health condition has improved with less life risk after arriving and the detection of the virus.

In recent cases, it is observed that the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, being a pandemic viral disease, Cuomo has asked the lawmakers of the state to approve and provide them with a fund of $40 million to be collected in emergency funding to fight and extend proper healthcare service to the victims of coronavirus.

Schools closed due to the threat of coronavirus

Schools are kept closed to avoid the threat of the coronavirus in New York. It was after the discovery of coronavirus COVID-19, in the community the New York City High School has announced to keep the school closed due to the uncertain attack of the pandemic disease.

SAR Academy and SAR High School have also decided to keep the school closed as prevention for the school students against the disease. Students are sensitive to responses over the sudden attack from the spread of the coronavirus.

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