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Coronavirus Deaths In New York After self Practiced Medication

New York trump on coronavirus deaths

Banner Health officials have already started warning about the danger of having not prescribed medicines. The concern has newly emerged after the death of a Phoenix man who had chloroquine phosphate with his wife.

The couple was hospitalized under a critical condition after they had the substance. The pandemic of coronavirus deaths has shaken the New Yorkers, which has pulled them to look for self-treatments. The widespread of the virus has put the entire world into danger.

The drawback exists in healthcare, and research continues that despite all hard work, no medicine has still been discovered to fight for the disease. The disease can multiply and stay for almost 24 hours. People are now themselves trying to find out their way to fight against the disease while science fails to find a solution. The coronavirus deaths have been increasing as the days are counting, no chances to control are expected, which has built a terror among the New Yorkers.

The solution for the pandemic was suggested when President Trump had announced about the antidote that was used for malaria. It was last week in one of his interviews Trump has explained about a powerful drug that has been confirmed for the treatment of the patients suffering from coronavirus. For malaria, chloroquine is the main drug required for the treatment, but President Trump has also mentioned about the approval yet to be confirmed from the FDA to treat Covid -19.

The couple had taken chloroquine used for aquarium cleaning
The couples in 60 had an aquarium with Koi fish, and to clean the aquarium, they used the chloroquine. After learning about the new trials of antidote, this triggered the mind of the New York couples and tried self-medication with the chemical product. Finally, both of them were admitted to the hospital, and the man turned to become another reason for the coronavirus deaths but due to the terror of the viral infection.

New Yorker in coronavirus deaths

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Coronavirus deaths to date have risen to cross 530 all over the US, and so the New Yorkers are searching for new ways to find drugs and methods to overcome the epidemic. After this incident, the Banner Health officials are strictly warning about the complications of the drugs if taken without any prescription.

Europe bans cargo and trade false claims Says Trumps

In a few of Trump’s speech, false claims were spread regarding cargo and trade claim, no cargo and trade will be carried from Europe. But later in his tweet, he was forced to clear the fact about his statements. According to his speech, trade and cargo were not prohibited from Europe. Though domestics and international airlines are restricted, public places, restaurants, and bars of New York are entirely facing lockdown.

Coronavirus deaths toll has increased to three digits, while New York states with the highest death and infected state. The US has been trying to get rid of the pandemic from one month of the ago, but they were not aware of the intensity of the widespread of the disease. Experts had already said that the Wuhan epidemic has the potential to destroy a large part of the world. While on the other hand, one month ago, the White House has cleared about the entire epidemic situation to be under control.

Slowly the increase of the disease led to a lack of detection kits, and then as the corona death cases graph was elevating, the Government of New York was bound to believe that the disease cannot be suppressed. Now the lockdown in the different parts of the country has been implemented. Still, the widespread is now uncontrollable that has put worry marks on the foreheads of the US Government.

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