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Drone Festivals? It’s A Thing


Award season has wrapped it’s last round with Oscars back in February, but one more award show was held, and it’s not the kind you would think. There are no golden statues or fancy gowns, instead, this show was focused on the more technological aspects that are coming into place to change the way we see movies nowadays. The third annual Drone Film Festival was held in New York City this weekend and it could be a complete game changer.

Drones, we see them as these cool flying objects that capture pretty much anything a bird could. It’s been a complete game changer to not just independent filmmakers but also Hollywood films, sports, travel agencies to showcase parts of the world and so much more. To filming the top of New York City buildings, to oceans in all parts of the world, to a close up of the Eiffel Tower, drones are giving so much more than meets the eye.

With good training and a good eye, a good technician is all you need to maneuver a drone and get a good image or video. Oh, and of course permission. As long as you have all of those, you’re set to grab some eye-opening footage.

The New York City Drone festival was geared to showcase the many talents these drones can showcase in a film and shed some light on what they can do for future movies, personal projects, commercials, documentaries and so much more. On set of films, commercials, and pretty much about anywhere famous in the world you are seeing more and more drones.

There are 11 awards that were handed out, to drone filmmakers from all over the world. Some of the concepts that made each film possible were not only just the beauty in the world that a drone captures, but also conflicts going on around the world. The Dakota Access pipeline was a topic in the “news” category which one an award, while a film about Australia called “Australia: The Eagle Eye” won for landscape. All in all there were 32 films in the running, but we could expect to see that number rise in the next few years.

To see a complete list of the film’s winners and catch a glimpse of what drones can do check out the link:


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