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Move Over Macy’s, Target is Your New Neighbor


When we think about the “World’s Largest Store” on 34th and Broadway, we usually think of all clothing stores surrounding it, and a bustling street. With a gloomy year ahead for most of these stores, as retail sales are not what they used to be, Macy’s will be seeing another dramatic change, but not a bad one. The flagship store in New York City is getting a new neighbor, Target.

With a few past troubling years and a few more ahead, Macy’s has not been at it’s best for a long time. No stranger to competitors, Macy’s has endured some pretty hard times in the last few years. With the growing empire of Amazon taking away from a lot of businesses, it has made it even more hard for Macy’s to be what it once was. It’s not just Macy’s suffering, the neighboring stores are as well. But a “retail miracle” is coming to the block as Target plans to open a new store right across from Macy’s. The store is set to open in 2017.

The Target Herald Square location will be the third one in New York City, with two more on the way later on. The store will be 43,000 square feet, which is considered ‘small’ as a typical Target store is usually around 130,000 square feet. The store will be 25 times smaller than the Macy’s flagship store. No worries Macy’s, you’ll still be the largest store on the block, and even the world, well second largest, coming in behind Korean store Shinsegae.

Target isn’t the only new neighbor Macy’s will be getting, Nordstrom recently announced that it will opening a “Nordstrom Rack” just a few blocks down from the store. JcPenney will still be at Herald Square as a competitor although a troubling year, as well, has the company closing down stores.

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