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Coronavirus Outbreak in New York: Healthcare Service in Danger with Equipment Scarcity

Coronavirus outbreak in New York

On the recent increase of the infected cases has moved to 31,057 confirmed cases. The situation due to the coronavirus outbreak in New York has worsened as it is leading to a scarcity of healthcare equipment. The department of healthcare and hospitals are already at the edge of shortages of machinery and backup medical supplies. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, he has already warned about the alarming condition of medicines and healthcare situations, which is going to hit shortages in the next ten days, as stated by the Governor of New York.

After a major outbreak in China, the epicenter has been observed a coronavirus outbreak in New York. About 20,875 positive cases are still in the record; about 5 % of cases are the confirmed cases on account of worldwide positive cases. In the US, the Covid-19 positive cases have raised to 46,000 cases, with 540 people of death across 50 states in New York. The epidemic of Covid-19 has killed more than 16,000 people globally. A major part of the European countries is affected by coronavirus infection.
Deaths due to Coronavirus outbreak in New York have been recorded to 157 with major affected areas are 2849 cases in Westchester County, 2442 are the cases in Nassau, 1,458 in the Suffolk. But this is not the end of the epidemic as the positive cases are not tending to low or flatten the graphs. Finally, this continuous widespread disease has shaken the administration of the US. The testing kits are slowly exhausting, along with masks and other equipment. The records of the coronavirus outbreak in New York have 33 percent of death cases of the entire US.

Masks Supply scarcity in New York

Lack of Production and supply of masks has also created a shortage for the health workers. Safety has been challenging for the health workers as they cannot find an adequate supply of the required protection to work in the infectious environment. Few healthcare workers have opted to reuse of the masks and gloves. Already health workers are falling ill due to unprotected contact with the patients.
Health workers falling ill has also put the health sector and government in concern about the imminent crisis of medical sectors in the upcoming days, as few health workers are pushed to stay isolated after the suspect of Covid-19. The coronavirus outbreak in New York has led to a shortage of masks.

Coronavirus outbreak in New York

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Covid-19 has a widespread viral infection that can infect more than two people at one time. At every contact with the infected person will contaminate a further two and a half person. The Covid-19 has multiplied with every hour that slowly increased up to as a pandemic condition in New York. Masks play an essential role in the protection from the droplets of Covid-19, but it is running out of the market. The droplets are highly infectious; it spreads from sneezing or coughing of the infected person.
Healthcare worker needs the masks while they are in contact with the patients. But the specific masks NH95 and NH97 are slowly out of the market. The masks are already running out of the market. It is leading to the reuse of masks and gloves, which is entirely against the hygiene of a health worker.

Retired Nurses, Health workers on duty

To fight the coronavirus outbreak in New York, the government has requested the retired nurses and healthcare workers to join the hospitals. A former pediatric nurse said that it is comfortable to swab noses in a hospital than working for adult patients under ventilators.
Cleaning and hygiene for hospitals have become a significant issue in such conditions when the Covid-19 infected patients are isolated. Undertreatment, while, on the other hand, staff members need to circulate. Few hospitals after coronavirus outbreak in New York have also started testing the healthcare staff dealing with the patients. This is because they do not want to spread the disease to the family members unknowingly.

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