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Pools and Personal Services Open As New York Regions Enters Phase III

New York Regions Enters Phase III

Plans are to reopen pools and personal services after the 5 New York regions enter Phase III, while New Jersey is in phase II but has its lists of reopening of the state.  The government can work rapidly on the reopening phases, and it is because of the low rate of positive cases in New Yorkers. In Phase III, the Central New York, Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley, North Country, and Southern Tier have the chance to enter. It was in the prior phase the outdoor dining was started with maintaining some specific guidelines.

These five NY states have been reviewed by the officials of Global public health experts, after which the states are allowed to enter the next phase. Guidelines have been issued to reopen the foodservice and restaurants. Personal care services have also been allowed to open. Apart from it, public pools have been ordered to start but under strict guidelines. New Jersey continues to be in the earlier phase but looks forward to the opening of public pools under the guidelines. Pools will reopen from the 22nd of June 2020 in New Jersey.

new york region swimming pool

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Governors announce reopening the public pools in NJ and New York Regions

While in summer, the necessity of the public pools has increased, so they have decided to open it but with the crowd limited to 50 percent. As per the guideline, the reopening will be carried out with social distancing when outside of the pools in New York regions and New Jersey. It is to avoid the widespread of the coronavirus that the patrons are asked to bring their chair while the pool authority will provide the tables.

The six feet of distancing is also applicable in the swimming pool area. The tables will be placed at a distance. Above all, mask is necessary when outside of the pools but inside the water, no mask is required. No toys or will be permitted in the pool.

Lifeguards working in the New York regions and New Jersey will not need any face mask while the same is applicable for the kids under the age of 2 years.

If the patrons have any signs of illness or Covid-19 symptoms, it is advised to stay away from the pool area.

Foot covers are mandatory in the area of showers and restrooms.

Above all, the staff members will be regularly screened for illness or COVID-19 symptoms.

The swimming pool will be treated with disinfectants and cleaned regularly. The touched surfaces should be cleaned often to avoid any kind of spreading.

New Jersey, in phase two, preceding behind the 5 New York regions, looks into the opening of the daycare centers and personal care sectors.

Opening of personal care sectors

Five NY regions will start the personal care sectors, which include Hair salons, parlor, barbershops, and also nail shops. Being a small business sector is essential, which will enable us to add some reinforcement to the skilled salon workers.  The salon will open with the guidelines which have been issued by the health officials of the public health department.  Other sectors like playgrounds and indoor restaurants are to begin in the 5 New York regions but with the accompanying permission of the local authorities.  With the lower active cases and hospitalization cases, it has been able to start the businesses of the paralyzed states taking it to phase three in a few regions. While few regions of New York are gearing up as the cases of the regions still inclines to stay in phase II due to the risk of spreading of Covid-19   cases in the area.

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