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Outdoor Dining in New York Phase II Re-opens After Covid-19 Lock-down

outdoor dining in newyork

Outdoor Dining in New York phase-II will begin from this week after a lengthy lockdown due to the attack of COVID-19. In the second phase, diverse businesses will open along with offices and restaurants with outdoor dining. Cuomo mentioned, on Wednesday, the businesses will open on a fast track by the upcoming week. Long Island, Hudson, and Westchester are the focused sectors to set up their working platform swiftly.
The streets’ sides and pathway covered stalls will be able to function as the dining space, which was closed due to the spreading of the deadly viral infection.
Good time for the restaurants in the commercial areas with offices and businesses to add the spaces can be converted to dining rooms. The main aim is to accelerate the economic strategy with the flexibility for the season of outdoor dining in New York.
This will enable support for the New Yorkers by reinforcing employment to most of them. Speaking on enforcement Trottenberg said “ We would like to strive for a model
where enforcement can be a light touch”.

Guidelines on the Outdoor dining in New York Phase – II

With the reopening of the outdoor dining in New York, the guidelines are announced. It has to be followed by the owners of the restaurants related to the spaces arranged in the streets. Distancing of the tables with a spacing of six feet is mandatory in the dining area. While in cases of parties and occasions, that gathering is restricted to 10 in numbers. The guests will have to maintain a distance while moving around, surrounded by guests.

Face masks should be used while entering restaurants unless seated. It is advised that the guests should order single-use items, including the condiment containers. Cleaning should be carried out after each use. Besides, the uses of silverware for pre-packing and rolling of the foods are also advised.

outdoor dining in new york

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It is always important to take care of the health of the employees. So, according to the guidelines, the temperature of the employees should be checked on regular shifts. The conducting of the test for temperature will enable us to avoid any severe results in public areas such as the outdoor dining in New York. Perhaps anyone who is found to develop any symptoms of COVID-19 will be considered a health danger to the public.
These are the major guidelines that are released by the government to maintain the health and business efforts together.

Phase II allows the opening of Churches and religious places

Due to the COVID-19 attack that has destroyed the lifestyle staying in lockdown finally, in the second phase, the religious places are opening with strict guidelines. The guidelines of the opening of churches and outdoor dining in New York Phase II are already released with mandatory rules. Opening of the businesses will help in the enforcement; on the other hand, the opening of the churches and beaches will encourage them to recover to normal life refreshingly. Few of the beaches has been opened at the first phase of the reopening after the lockdown.

Outdoor dining in New York has been planned in the phase-II while the indoor dining is still on hold. The maintaining of the street stalls or vendors and food trucks is are still subjected to some unclear guidelines as it states only about the seating areas and spaces. The restaurants which are moving forward to phase two will require approval from the local bodies if they want to start their outdoor dining.
At the end of phase two, the policies or guidelines of the restaurants for the indoor operation will be declared, and it is expected by the end of June.

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