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UrbanSpace Vanderbilt: Culinary Heaven on Eath


Coming into the city from Grand Central, and in need of a quick bite? Not in the mood for Junior’s or  Shake Shack? Want to try not just one delightful bite to eat, but multiple? Urban Space has your back.

Located on 230 Park Avenue, right next to Grand Central lies a spot that feels almost like an underground secret that only the cool kids know about. Rest assured, it’s open to everyone and it’s walls are lined up with food stands of every type. As someone who lives to enjoy food, I recommend this spot to people of all ages, because the food is absolutely incredible. As for the best of the best, here are some of my recommendations:

The first spot I hit was a pizza stand called Roberta’s. Offering a number of specialty pizzas, this place cooks your meal fresh the second you order it. After a short wait, my boyfriend and I shared a small regular cheese pie that was piping hot, and mouthwateringly delicious. With fresh melted mozzarella, sweet tomato sauce, and a crispy thin crust, this spot made a perfect start to the food journey.

The next place I went to was by far my favorite in the establishment. La Palapa Taco Bar was just calling my name with its aroma of fresh Mexican food. I ordered a steak carne asada with fresh greens on top, and it had to have been the best taco I have ever eaten in my life. After squeezing lime on top, and getting all of the messy ingredients into a thin gluten free soft shell, I found myself biting into a little piece of heaven, and all I could think about after was how I wanted to spend another five dollars on the same thing.

My last stop was a little bakery stand called Dough. This place served doughnuts, but they were more like a meal that could probably last you a few days. With items like a salted chocolate round of deliciousness, these doughnuts are huge and decadent. I would suggest maybe not eating anything a week after that, or at least until you’re hungry again.

After eating at Urbanspace, I know that this will not be my last time there, and hopefully I will be able to say that I’ve tried every place in the establishment. Until then, happy eating.

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