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Where To Watch The Olympics


If you are going to be one of the million people around the world watching the Olympics kick off this Friday, then why not gather around other Olympic crazy fanatics and watch the opening ceremony kick off from one of the many bars having specials and parties going on all day long?

By now as many know, the summer Olympics are kicking off in the beautiful, exotic, vibrant, Rio De Janeiro. What has not been an easy road for the host country, has finally been able to shed some light into the upcoming ceremony, with much to look forward to. A great opening ceremony to kick off things is just what this country needs in order to get the world going on one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Michael Phelps was announced today as the United States flag bearer, and many Americans are looking forward to the ceremony even more now, as the most decorated Olympian will walk his country in. Thousands are expected to watch the spectacle, but for the millions of others that are not as blessed to be in the Maracana Stadium, a local bar with a Brazilian-themed party may just do the trick.

It all begins Friday here in New York, with the TODAY show having a special broadcast from Rio, and also here in Rockefeller Center as well. Later on in the day, Eurocircle is having a party at LeGrande and will be having drink specials all night with the ceremony broadcasted live. St Pats Bar and Grill right near Times Square is broadcasting the event on many screens and is also having Olympic ‘ice breaker’ deals and drink specials all night, and on Roosevelt Island, Riverwalk Commons is having a projector screen and four 50 inch TVs showing the opening ceremony with food and drink specials all night.

The opening ceremony will be a memorable one, as hard times are hitting the world, and bringing more attention on sport for two weeks, will shed some light on current situations being dealt with globally. It will also be historical as it is the first Olympics held in South America.

The opening ceremony will begin at 7:30 P.M. ET with live coverage on NBC.

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