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An Actually Quiet Park


With the recent news of New York City parks becoming more crowded than ever before, it is no shock that finding a quiet and relaxing place to walk around is becoming harder and harder to find. With a growing interest and the parks filling up to their capacity, parks are becoming more of a party rather than quaint and relaxing locations. With Manhattan building more parks, New Yorkers also have other options to relax and reflect.

Located in the Bronx, a quiet and relaxing environment is slowly making word around town. Having not yet been recognized by many, it has been a location to relax and stroll. The Bronx River Park is a mini getaway from all the hustle and bustle of New York City. Described as ‘peaceful and quiet’, the park is covered by forests, woodland, and wetlands, that make it seem that New York City is thousands of miles away rather than a few.

A non-profit conservancy group has aimed to protect parks, such as the Bronx River Park, in order to preserve the nature of them and give an alternative way of life rather than the city life we are all used to. The group has stepped up efforts more than usual this Summer in order to also raise awareness. Other parks beside the Bronx River Park include parks in Van Cortlandt, Pelham Bay, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. All parks that make it seem you don’t have a city so close to you, and instead makes you feel as if you are in the Catskills.

The group is also looking to preserve plant life and all the unique features the parks have to offer. For example, Pelham Bay park offers rocky outcroppings that make one feel as if they are in another state, while Greenbelt Park in Staten Island offers magnolia trees that are not common to find here, as they are more found in the south. Tours and programs are also being organized in an effort to raise awareness to the public as well and make New York City parks less congested as well.

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