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Bed Bugs Bite all Over NYC


People try to go to sleep after a long hardworking day and they make sure that no bed bugs will bite even though the critters have been spreading all over New York City.

Bed bugs have invaded not only New Yorker’s beds in the city but in City Hall as well.  Despite the recent rise of these insects, people’s complaints about them have dropped in the last year.  Complaints were made to the Housing Preservation and Development and the total had decreased to almost 50%, according to AM New York.

People have had less to complain about since the bed bugs have been vanishing from their homes and other public places.  However, the bug problem remains and they have been spreading around the city.

Many people are unsure of how bed bugs get attracted to their homes and belongings.  Rich Kane, owner of Bed Bug Pest Prep New York, said t0 AM New York, “Summer is the season when bed bugs friskiest and people are on the move, carting the critters with them to infect more places.”

This business had received a few complaints with usually involving peoples belonging and furniture. Basically, those clients have learned to hang on to their coats and check the furniture thoroughly.  They try to warn everyone to always double check and secure their belongings.

Bed Bugs have proven a challenge to kill with their strong bones. Bug sprays, pesticides, chemicals – generally people have tried all of those things in order to get rid of the tiny pests.  New Yorkers start to call in a professional to deal with the critters instead of waiting for their health inspectors.

Although complaints have gone down, people should still be on the look out for bed bugs.  So goodnight, sleep tight and try not to let the bed bugs bite.

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