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NYC Women’s Surf Film Festival hits the waves


If someone is a woman who loves the beach and surfing, then Rockaway Beach is the place to be for the 4th annual New York City Women’s Surf Film Festival.

This film festival is to celebrate all the women out there who have the passion, drive, connection with the ocean and surfing.  They show their love and passion for surfing on film and they try to get everyone to see why people should join them.

The festival is a three day celebration starting Aug. 12 with the opening reception.  The night will begin with an art exhibit by Australian surf photographer, Francis ‘Fran’ Miller.  Then the entertainment continues with screening shorts of women doing their thing in the ocean.

Partners have been made to help support this organization and their cause.  Agreements have been made with other companies and the media who share the same love for surfing such as Luna, Rockaway Summer, Pacific Long Boarder Magazine, and Eastern Surf Magazine.

People will have the chance to meet other filmmakers and surfers on the first night of the festival.  On Aug. 14 tourists can attend a surf session, which will provide lessons from famous surfers like Erin “Worm” Ashley.

Filmmakers have entered their movies to the festival and each one of them described that surfing is more than what it seems.  One example is filmmaker Heather Hudson who entered “Women and the Waves 2,” which is a documentary of how women celebrate approaching surfing and life, according to the festival’s website.

Each one of these passionate women have put their energy into these projects and each winner had the chance to present their work to the world.

The New York City Women’s Surf Film Festival begins on Aug. 12 for those who desire surfing and seeing how these women dedicate their time to something that they care deeply about.

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