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Brooklyn Bridge May Expand


Envision yourself on a quiet stroll crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, relaxing, and taking the sites of downtown Manhattan. A little further down one can get the beautiful view of almost all Manhattan, as you slowly enjoy the views of the Brooklyn Bridge. You have all the space in the world, not bothering anyone, and can walk as freely as you’d like. Couldn’t picture that? Well, we don’t blame you, as that description of the bridge is nearly a sham. It is almost impossible to picture a ‘quiet stroll’ with all the ‘space in the world’ crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Packed with hundreds of pedestrians, and cyclists, it is one of the top attractions in New York City and only growing as it is free and gives a beautiful view and a perfect photo op. Now, the iconic bridge could be getting an expansion. Roaming freely on there does not sound so far away now.

Increasing complaints have come from the public to the New York City transportation officials. Some of the complaints say that the bridge is dangerous, packed, and too small. As an increasingly popular tourist attraction, one has to walk quickly in order to not get hit by a biker, and also to the side in order to not be in people’s way. The elevated wooden platform also seems to be deteriorating, making a long list of reasons why it should expand and be reconstructed. In one day the bridge gets up to 10,000 pedestrians and  3,500 cyclists.

Good news is coming, as this month, work will begin to evaluate the bridge on how much weight it can carry and what options there are for expanding. It will be tricky as decks would need to be built right above where the cars run, and how wide it can be, but will be looked at in the fullest detail possible. It will be a pricey project and one that will be very complex, but officials are looking into the project.

The Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883, making it 133 years old, and used to carry trolleys, and railroad cars across the bridge, making it much more popular with more people crossing it back then. The promenade was a part of the bridge. It runs only ten feet across with it’s widest part being 17 feet.

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