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Earth Day In The Big Apple


On April 22nd the world will observe Earth Day. Now more than ever before the world is appreciating more and more the planet with growing concerning issues on the natural environment. For the city that is one of the top producers in hazardous chemicals contributing to the growing concern of global warming, it is taking a stand to show it can help as well. From increasing solar panels in the city, to continuous clean ups in the subways and to now celebrating Earth Day in a way bigger than ever before, it is clear that NYC is all in the fight against global warming.

This Earth Day, New York City has unveiled its plans to make the city more greener and Eco friendly than ever before. On Saturday, 30 blocks of Broadway will be car free from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.. This will be the biggest street closure for the city, coming off last years successful celebrations. The message it is trying to send is to make it calm, quieter, and cleaner for just those hours in order to promote a more Eco friendly environment, even in the loudest of cities. It may not be many hours, but those few hours can help even the slightest bit in making our planet be more green.

On that day, CitiBike rentals will be free of charge, urging people to get out and ride bikes rather than drive somewhere or cab it to your destination. The open roads will show what it is like to have those here in the Big Apple as many don’t even know what that feels like with all the hustle and bustle of the everyday life. Pedestrians and cyclists are welcome to take advantage of the open roads on Saturday.

The open roads won’t be the only thing going on. Union Square is having several different events for people of all ages, with exhibits, events, and live performances going on all day. The Earth day 5k Green Tour will be going on on Friday, and different organizations will be holding seminars throughout to promote sustainability on Saturday. Go Green and make a difference!

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