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Tipping On Uber


For years when taking a cab, it has always been an option after paying to include a tip on your card, or if you’re simply going to pay the old fashion way with cash, it was always polite to add a couple of extra dollars in there for a tip. With the growth of Uber and Lyft taking over the city one thing has stuck out to some people when using Uber, there is no tip option. Officials are now taking steps to require Uber to make a tipping option available for users.

The taxi and limousine commission of New York City is taking a stand and announced it’s proposal on Monday to require services that can only be used by credit card to include a tipping option. Unlike Lyft that does offer a tipping option, Uber does not, making the proposal something to work with.

Uber which is the number one transportation app in the city has become more used than anything before making the company millions with the thousands of passengers using them each and everyday. Now a petition has been put in place by the Independent Drivers Guild, which is a group representing Uber drivers in New York City, and collected more than 11,000 signatures. In the petition, it stated that drivers were losing thousands of dollars without a tipping option.

Lyft announced in March that the company’s drivers made more than $200 million in tips nationwide since adding the option back in 2012, all due to their tip option on the app. There has been a long standing debate on whether tipping cash is an option in an Uber, in which it is, but many don’t do it. The company’s website states that tipping is voluntary and that riders are not obligated to tip cash. This lack of promoting a tip has been a long ongoing issue to Uber drivers and now many are taking a stand. If the requirement passes in New York City it will change the way Uber runs it’s business and it will most likely be demanded by other cities. An Uber spokeman said the proposal would be reviewed.

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